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Are You Forcing Yourself To Love Him?

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Love is something that cannot be controlled. Time is something that makes love either work for the better or it simply ends it. One does not fall in love immediately. It is time that does the magic and makes you realise if you are falling for the person or not.

In this article, we are here to share some of the facts that will help you understand if you are forcing yourself to love your partner or if you are done with your emotions.

These are the facts that will make you realise how important it is to know whether you really like the person or are just forcing yourself to love him.

Usually, people tend to get into a relationship to save themselves from the peer pressure and to avoid society stigma. But, what is the point of being in such a relationship when you are just not in love with the person but are with him just for the sake of others, right ladies?

So, find out about the points that'll make you realise if you are really in love with a person or if you are simply forcing yourself to love him.


You Find Excuses To Break Plans

Most of the times, you tend to ignore or break the plans that your partner makes. This is a way to avoid going out with him. When you run short of excuses, you tend to force yourself into believing that you are happily in love with him still.


You Ignore His Texts And Calls

You tend to ignore most of his messages and calls, as you do not find it exciting to be connected to him. You buzz him only when it is required. Rest of the time you are busy and don't even think about him much.


Convince Yourself Very Hard That You Love Him

You tend to keep assuring yourself that you love him. This you tend to practice as a habit, so that you realise that you are in a relationship with him. You remind yourself about his best qualities and during the night, you convince yourself that you need him. These are the efforts that you take to stick on in a dead relationship.


You Want Him To Breakup With You

You are done in this relationship and yet are hanging on. Instead of breaking the string, you tend to wait for him to breakup with you. This way, you do not wish to have a guilty mind of dumping him.


You Do Not Know Him Well

Everytime your folks or friends ask you about him, you tend to go blank and give a random reply saying that he is cool; but you never know his actual side. This is because you do not wish to take an interest in knowing him in a better way. This is a sure-fire sign that you're just forcing yourself to love him.


You See No Future With Him

Suddenly you realise that you have lost the connection with him and are simply hanging on to the relationship aimlessly. When you do not see any future with him, you tend to realise that it is an alarming sign that the relationship is heading no where and hence are only forcing yourself to love him.

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Story first published: Monday, June 13, 2016, 15:21 [IST]
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