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A Lady's Opinion On Long-term Relationship

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In a relationship, one cannot be sure of the relationship not going weary, as most of the best love stories that we know or have come across happen to be only in movies or story books.

All relationships go through many ups and downs. There are different things that describe each relationship. The thoughts and emotions that we go through in a relationship makes it very unique and particular to that relationship alone.

One cannot judge a relationship based on the thoughts that a man or a guy has. A relationship is said to be mutual and one needs to be respected by his/her partner as well.

In a committed relationship, one cannot expect or hold a man to be responsible for all the wrong reasons.

Here, in this article, we've shared some of the thoughts of what a woman has when she thinks about a long-term relationship.

These are the thoughts that all girls have at the back of their minds and we're sure that at some point of time, most of them would have got these thoughts, unless and until they are blindly in love!!

Read on to know more.


A Trap

It is not only men who are scared of being in a committed or long relationship. Even women too feel the same. They too feel that they are being trapped. At some point, women do realise that being single was a much better option.


No More Dating

If the woman does not wish to date anybody else after being in this committed relationship, then there are chances that this would not affect her. However, if the woman is not serious about her relationship and is still looking for options, then she would find it very difficult to be in a long-term relationship.



A woman is generally scared of the future and is very uncertain about the relationship going to last, which she has been nurturing since long. A break-up would be difficult for her to handle. So, this can be a reason for her to avoid commitment in the long run.


Doubts On The Guy Being Genuine

If a woman finds her man to be cheating on her or finds him to be coming up with some lame excuses to connect with her, then being with such a guy for lifetime can be seen as a scary thing to be in for a woman. This is one of the biggest fears a woman has about long-term relationships.


May Feel The Relation To Be Monotonous

Making love with the same person gets monotonous after a point of time. A woman who wants to explore more, or has wild fantasies, can think twice before committing into a long-term relationship, as she may get bored easily.

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