Things Your Boyfriend Should Never Know

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Relationships are never easy, but if there is good understanding between the couple, then your relationship is secured. When it comes to women, most of them think that it is better to tell their other half everything. But, according to experts being too open in the relationship will hurt you and your partner.

It is nice to be transparent to one another, but there are times when this transparency becomes your weakness and thus it could cause the downfall of your bond. On the other hand, when you share everything with your man you will not have your own freedom, since he will be aware of your plus and minus points. It is also dangerous for him to know some of these things as he can use it against you when it comes to an argument.

Things Your Boyfriend Should Never Know

Today, Boldsky shares a few things of what women should never share with their boyfriend. Take a look at some of these things your boyfriend should never know in the relationship. Like they say, there are some things that is best to keep as a secret. So, keep reading on ladies and keep your relationship safe:

Thinking About The Ex: If you are suddenly reminded about your ex, it is best for your boyfriend not be aware of it. This thought about your ex flame will only pierce his heart.

disuss family matters

When You Miss His Family Functions: If you want to miss his family functions, never hesitate to tell him the truth as to why you want to bunk it. Being honest with your man is the key to a better relationship. Lying to him and skipping all those functions will only crush him.

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When You Discuss Your Matters With Friends: One of the things your boyfriend should never know is the moments you spend with your girl friends, updating them on your sex life. No man appreciates his woman telling the entire universe about his performance in bed. It is something you should never let your man know about.

Snitching Through His Phone: Every woman has this nasty habit of going through their man's phone at every little chance they get. This is a bad habit and you should never tell your boyfriend what you do, as it could prop up problems related to trust.

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Stalking: If you have a habit of stalking guys, it is healthy as long as there is no sign of cheating on your man. Even so, this is one thing your boyfriend should never know as it can hurt him and crush his heart to a million pieces.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 13, 2015, 12:41 [IST]
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