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7 Ways To Impress An Indian Woman


Impressing a lady is hard, especially Indian women. But there are certain ways to impress a woman and Boldsky gives you a list of advices on how to make a woman melt. Firstly, Indian women have changed quite a lot.

They are no longer dependent on men, they make their own decisions and they have the ability to survive on their own. To impress an Indian woman having all these qualities can be quite a challenge for men. Therefore, use these simple ways tomake a woman fall for you in no time.


So what are you waiting for? Here are 7 simple ways to impress an Indian woman.

Take a look at these relationship tips and woo your lady off her feet.


Take Her Shopping

As soon as you mention the word shopping a woman's eyes will light up with excitement. All you need to do is lend her your credit card and let her shop till she drops. This is one of the ways to impress an Indian woman. And trust me - this tip never fails!


Surprise Her With Simple Things

Surprise her with the little things in life and she will surely be impressed with you. Take her out on a dinner date, buy her things she loves, respect and pamper her parents, those little treats in bed and the list goes on.


Go Stubble

Women of today no longer like the clean shaven look. It is the stubble, rugged style which makes a woman go weak in the knees. Women will be impressed if you can carry the rough manly look.


Don't Look At Other Women

Yes, we agree, Indian women are very appealing but that doesn't mean that you can stare at other women while you are with her. If you want to impress an Indian woman, give all your attention to her only her and she will fall head over heels for you.


Be Presentable

Being presentable in the way you look and carry yourself works wonders. However, don't over do it as being fake can really put her off. Just be yourself and impress her in the best possible way to get her attention.


Wear On Shoes

This may sound funny, but it is important to wear shoes each time you meet her on a date. No woman likes her man to look shabby especially when she is dressed to kill. By doing so, you will surely impress her sky high.


Good Habits

Indian women love men who have good habits. If you are one of those men who dislike the butt and say no to a glass filled with coloured water you probably will find the woman of your dreams.

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Story first published: Friday, June 26, 2015, 21:32 [IST]
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