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Disturbing Doubts Every Bride Has Before Marriage

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Brides.... are you geared up for your big day to walk down the aisle to your partner? If yes, it is a good sign that your ready for a marriage, however, if you are doubtful about marriage, it is time you sit down and speak it out with someone you can trust.

On the other hand. have you ever heard of cold feet? Well, there are a lot of brides who have cold feet or undergo severe stress before the wedding.


This in turn is one of the reasons why brides get so doubtful before marriage. When the bride begins to get doubtful she asks herself a million questions, which can be scary for the groom if he becomes aware of it.

But, according to experts, every bride has these disturbing doubts about her wedding. It is very common!

Boldsky, has put together some of the doubts every bride has before she gets married, take a look:


Am I Too Young For Marriage?

This is a common question every bride asks herself... Am I too young to get married? Well, if you are matured enough and know how to manage responsibility, then you are old enough to say I do.


Will I Be Comfortable In His Home?

Yes, you will be comfortable in his home, unless and until you make up your mind to make it your home too. Yes, there will be a lot of changes, but it is only human nature to deal with the changes and settle in.


Will His Mother-in-law Like Me?

No matter what... a mother-in-law can never replace your mother's place! Yes, you both will have your differences, but it depends on how you gel with the old lady.


Do I Really Need To Spend So Much?

This is a common doubt every bride has before the wedding. Remember, for many of us, we get to be a bride only once, so spending a lot on your d-day is worth it!


Will Our Romance Last Forever?

If you want your romance to last forever, it is possible. If you let go and let a third person in your marriage to decide for you and your partner, surely your romance will crumble and fall.


Will I Be Able To Face Hard Times?

When the two of you stand together, united as one in marriage, there is nothing in the world that can shake you. Problems will be there and so will hard times, it depends on how you both treat it with care.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 8, 2015, 18:31 [IST]
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