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12 Things Not To Say Before You Kiss

When you are in love there are many strange, fun ways of showing it to one another. However, there are moments which can ruin this special act of showing love. For example, couples who are in love generally show their affection by kissing. But, what if you are caught in a moment where the kiss shared wasn't that special to either one of you, be it the first kiss or just that random kiss.

Imagine this - You and your partner are sitting close to each other and feeling the heat. Just when you are about to kiss, your partner pulls your cheeks or diverts the attention to something else. How would you feel to be in this kind of a situation? Won't you feel annoyed and irritated?

Kissing is one of the most intimate things you can do with the person you love, therefore it is advisable not to mess it up. If you are wondering what not to say before a first kiss or any other kiss, then take a look at these tips.


Is That Smell From You?

One of the things not to say before a kiss is this - " Is that smell from you?, Haven't you not sprayed on deo'?


Compare Your Kiss

Never make the mistake of comparing your kiss with your ex. Bringing up your ex before you kiss your current partner will surely make your lover fume.


OOOPS .... A Burp

If you want to burp, do it subtly, wait and kiss away. But, you should never tell your partner that you are going to burp.


Im Not In The Mood

The worst thing not to say before you kiss is bringing up the no mood factor. It can be a complete turn off.


I See you As....

I see you as a brother / sister!! This is one of the most insulting things not to say before you kiss your partner or even the first kiss.


I feel Sick

If you are feeling sick, make sure you don't lead your partner on or show him /her any signs of wanting to kiss.


Can We Hug Instead?

If you are going to get your first kiss from the one you love, don't try to stop it by telling your partner you want to hug instead. This is one of the things not to say before you kiss.


The Trap Game

If you think that your partner is genuine towards his/her feelings towards you, never ask if this kiss is a trap game. It is one of the worst things not to say before he/she is ready to kiss you.


Saying You Are Ready...

If you are ready to kiss the one you love, show them some signs. Don't make the mistake of telling them you are ready to be kissed. It will sound like your desperate!


Is Your Sibling Single?

Asking if your partner's sibling is single just when he or she is about to kiss you is one of the worst things to say before a first kiss.


Your My Best Friend

I see you as a friend and nothing else. Have you ever heard this from someone you were about to kiss?


Your Next On My List

Never tell the person that he/she was the next one on the list to be kissed. This is one of the worst things not to say before you kiss.

Story first published: Wednesday, December 17, 2014, 22:33 [IST]
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