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10 Ways To Tease Your Boyfriend

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Teasing is not always about being physical in the relationship. There are other ways in which you can tease your man and make him fall in love with you all the more. When a man is teased, he feels extremely close to you. To make your man go gaga over you and always be smitten by you, then here are 10 ways you can tease your boyfriend over a text or even when he is in the same room as you, without even touching him. Sounds fun, isn't?

However, there are some men who do not like to be teased in the relationship as it might hurt their ego. So, if you know your man pretty well and if you think he can play along, it is worth the try. If your man is not the type who loves to be sensually teased by his lady, he sure is missing something in life.


So, ladies what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the ways in which you can tease your boyfriend. Don't forget to have fun doing it since your man will love it too, just as much as he loves you!

Ten ways you can tease your man:


Wear Something Sleazy

Wearing something sleazy and walking around in front of him always works. Try this after you guys have had a fight, it works!


Text Him Something Naughty

The best way to tease your boyfriend is to text him something naughty through the day. It will make him feel happy and have a stress-free day at work.


Wear On A Seductive Perfume

A man always likes his woman to smell great! This is one of the ways to tease your boyfriend. By wearing on a sweet fragrance, it will get his attention.


Dress In Lace

Buy yourself a lace and wear it on a date night to impress him. More than impressing him, it is an awesome way of teasing him.


Pictures Always Work

If you want to tease your man, try this out. Take out a sensational pose of yourself and send it across. It will sure help deal with the stress at work and hey, expect to see him early from work too!


Your Innerwear Does Magic

Bright, lace and satin always helps in teasing your boyfriend. Leave your innerwear where he can see it and think of you in ways you will love it.


Flip Your Hair

One of the best ways to tease your boyfriend is to flip your hair when he is around. Do this trick, especially after you have showered!


Shower In Front Of Him

When you are off to take a shower, leave the door ajar, so that your man can take a peek. The best way to tease your boyfriend is by letting him watch you!


Try The Striptease

Try the striptease, it always works! It is the best and effective way to tease your boyfriend.


Nothing Beats Dancing

Men love to see their ladies dance and what is all the more sensational is when you dance with him. It is a real tease for your boyfriend, by doing either.

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Story first published: Friday, March 7, 2014, 4:15 [IST]
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