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10 Secrets About Guys That Will Surprise You

What is the biggest secret about your man? Do you think he isn't revealing much? Do you feel it is posing as an impediment to your relationship?

It is a widely believed fact among women that men are full of secrets. Women often brood over the fact that guys are good secret keepers and most breakups inevitably occur due to this inherent characteristic of guys. While such a belief is true to a good extent, most men share common secrets that will unfailingly take you by surprise. So, Here is your opportunity to understand secrets about guys and how guys function, especially when in a relationship.


While the popular belief among guys is that girls are quirky to understand, with these secrets, the same wouldn't be true about guys. Being aware of these "collective secrets" of guys, you are sure to get an impressive peek into their minds and how they'd function when in a relationship. Most importantly, you'd know what you're dealing with and what to expect as time makes steady progress.

This article speaks about 10 secrets about guys that will unfailingly surprise you. Perhaps, the myth about guys being good at keeping secrets will after all see the day's end.



This perhaps is the biggest secret about guys you'd want to know. Although most men flirt with other women, once they hit the bed, they most likely wouldn't forget the one true women they truly love.


The Script

Every guy thinks before he makes conversation. He writes down his script to bring out optimum benefit from his words. But here is the secret- most guys forget what they put in the script and screw up quite embarrassingly.


Talking About your ex

Although most guys may want to know the nature of your past relationships, they hate it when you mention to them, or in front of them, about your ex.


Speaking to your guy friends

Well, this is something you should avoid. Do you have a guy best friend you hand out with too much? Do you have too many guy friends? It wouldn't matter. But here is an essential secret about guys you need to know.. They hate it ! They can get really jealous.


The emotional angle

Now here is perhaps one of the biggest secrets about guys. Guys are more emotional than girls. So if he loves you truly, know that he does.


Sharing ambitions and problems

Know this for a fact. If a guy is sharing his ambitions and problems with you, especially those pertaining to life, you are a crucial part of his life and maybe, he trusts you beyond your own imagination.


Flirting and relationships

Guys are great at giving advice when it comes to flirting. When it comes to relationships though, they lose it.


How precious are you

If you really mean something to him, he will be ready to sacrifice anything for you. Be it health, sleep or even sport. This is arguable the biggest secret about guys.


Teasing You

Another important secret about guys you will want to know. If a guy is in love with a girl, he will spare no effort in teasing you. So prepare to be teased.


Leave him alone?

If a guy asks you to leave him alone, do the opposite. He most likely wouldn't have meant it. So stay show him how valuable he is.

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