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Rules To Follow While Dating Your Ex

Dating is not always easy, especially when it is with your ex. There can be doubts as to whether this will work or not. True love never ends and there is always some level of comfort that you are sure to experience.

Dating the same person for the second time needs some extra care. There are many simple rules for dating your ex and the most important relationship advice is that you have to use all the chances to fall in love with him/her again.

When you grow older, your ideas and feelings change and this will reflect on your life and those who become a part of it. So, there are chances that you could be falling for your ex for a set of totally new things that you have never known it before.


Below are a few very basic and simple rules for dating your ex. Consider this as the right kind of relationship advice, which can give you the confidence that a relationship with your ex might work out.

Don’t bring up the past
One of the most important and simple rules for dating your ex is not to bring up the past. The basic concept is that no matter what happened between the two of you, try and not to bring that up. Treat this as a second chance and focus only on the positives.

Don’t ask too many questions
A good relationship advice while dating your ex is not to ask too many questions about the time you were apart. This needs to be treated as a new relationship. Try to wipe the slate clean before you get back with your ex. Try and understand the person better and consider what you loved about them and never concentrate on their negatives.

Be Cautious
One of the simple rules for dating your ex is that you need to be cautious. If you were hurt the last time, there is no harm in being cautious this time. You only need to be cautious, not suspicious. Take immense time in understanding the person and try not to jump into conclusions and assume things. Stay in the relationship with an open mind.

Remember your mistakes
Another relationship advice is to remember your mistakes and try not to repeat them. You, by this stage, will know what they like and how they look at this relationship. Try to change yourself to what your ex prefers. But you do not have to act desperate and change yourself completely.

Don’t jump back into love
One of the simple rules for dating your ex is not to fix everything in hurry. Take your time, make it slow and try to understand what went wrong the last time. When you get back with your ex, there can be a rush of all the feelings that you have felt before, try and control them as this may trouble you.

Try these tips while dating your ex again. Do you have some more tips to add?

Story first published: Thursday, August 7, 2014, 9:02 [IST]
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