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Tricks To Approach A Shy Girl

Shy girls are not outgoing. Then, how to approach a shy girl? Well, let us admit it. It would be tough in the beginning, but the pain is worth it later on because shy girls are committed in relationships and they are more interesting than some of the outgoing types. So, if you can crack the nut, all the joy is yours later on. So be patient and try your level best.

How to approach a shy girl when you are shy? Well, the main reason why shy girls are not too outgoing is because of their upbringing. Maybe, they were brought up to look like good girls. They are well-behaved. They don't want to do dirty stuff. They never dare to do certain things in open.

But you must remember something here. Deep down, they would still like to date and marry. So, they don't hate men. It is just that their upbringing has created certain behavioural patterns in them; you must just get through those layers and then she is yours. Here are some tips to approach a shy girl:

How to approach a shy girl

Make it look casual
How to approach a shy girl? You must be very careful when dealing with shy girls because they are not so outgoing and they may get intimidated if you are too frank. Also, your actions should look very casual. You must not make your intentions clear in the first move itself. Until you know that the girl is comfortable with you, you must not come across as a man trying to woo her.

Take her help
The best thing to do to approach a shy girl is to take her help. Yes, think of some idea. It must look as if you need her help and that is why you are approaching her. One good idea is to tell her that you are planning to buy a gift for your mom and you are confused about what to buy because you don't know what kind of gifts impress a woman. Ask her if she can spend some time with you for the shopping. If she says yes, then your journey gets kickstarted!

Display sense of humour
When both of you are together, show your sense of humour mildly. This is important to make her feel home with you. Never try to make eye contact in the first meeting itself. Even if you look into her eyes, ensure that you are not too intruding. Also, never ask anything about her personal life at all. Shy girls don't open up fast. Remember this: never flirt with a shy girl in the first meeting.

Never ask her out
If she is feeling comfortable with you, don't be in a hurry to ask her out on a date. That would be a blunder. She will get scared again. If possible, try seeking her help on another day by coming up with another similar reason. Your first 10 meetings should be as casual as possible and they should not be dates.

Get ready to meet her parents
When dating a shy girl, your approach must look more like a committed guy craving to marry and to settle down with her. So, show willingness to meet her parents if possible. If you come across like a guy trying for a casual relationship, she might not be interested in you. Did you understand how to approach a shy girl now?

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