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11 Ways To Slow Down Relationship Without Ending It


Your relationship is going great guns. You really like him/her and he or she seems to be responding very well to you. But at the back of your mind, you have this nagging feeling that you are moving too fast in the relationship. In that case, you need to slow down the relationship. To slow down a relationship that is moving too fast, you need to take some affirmative steps. There is a way to pace your relationship.

Now, you also need to make sure that you slow down the relationship without ending it. It is a very delicate situation and you need to handle it with a lot of care. If you send out the wrong signals while trying to slow down the relationship, then your partner might treat it as a red flag that you don't want to continue the relationship. You need to pass on the message but you have to do it without hurting your partner's feelings.


The best way to slow down a relationship that is moving too fast is to pull on some ‘brakes'. These ‘brakes' have to be used at the most opportune moments in a relationship. If you miss the right ‘moment', then stepping on the brakes will be of no use. So here are some simple ways to slow down a relationship that is spinning out of your control.


Spend A Weekend Away

The best way to slow down an addictive relationship is to spend a weekend away from your partner. Pack your bag and travel out of town for a weekend. Your partner will get the message that he or she doesn't own all your weekends.


Be Serious About Your Work

Never ever allow a relationship to affect your work commitments. In fact, when you feel that a relationship is taking over your life, you have to do all the more work with all the more enthusiasm.


Don’t Be Addicted To Texting Him/Her

You should not be hooked on to your phone because you are texting or talking to him/her all the time. In fact, you need to take phone breaks. Just don't touch your phone when you are working or driving.


Avoid Meeting The Families

Do not take her home for a family dinner and avoid being her plus one for her best friend's wedding. These relationship milestones will push you towards a commitment.


Arrange Group Dates

Do double dating or go out in a group once in a while. This will allow you to meet each other on more neutral ground.


Say You Are Not Ready

If you feel that your partner is really pushing you hard in a situation, then just be honest and say you are not ready. Suppose your boyfriend is really insisting that you meet his parents, then you need to just tell him you are not ready.


Concentrate On Differences

So far you both might seem like soulmates. May be it is time you concentrated on your differences. Talk about differences of opinion and points of view.


Don’t Be Too Pleasing All The Time

Be yourself with him/her, do not try to be pleasing all the time. Let your partner see the good and bad sides of you so that you do not end up giving any false hopes.


Don’t Use ‘Future’ Tense

Never say ‘we' will do in the future or ‘we' will get married in this hall. You should always concentrate on your present instead of talking about your future.


Use The Right Phrases

Always say ‘if things work out between us' or ‘if everything goes well'. This will emphasise on the fact that there is always hope that things may work out between the two of you. But then, you are not committing to anything.


Have Your Own Place

No matter how often you sleep together, maintain your own postal address. Have your own place where you can live your own life without being disturbed.

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Story first published: Friday, May 9, 2014, 16:29 [IST]