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10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Fail

Long distance relationships are often risky. Sometimes, couples in long distance relationships fall apart when they start living in different cities for various reasons.

Distance or time should never matter in a relationship if it is 'true' love. Maybe, the 'true' love concept does not really exist these days. Hence, so many couples fail to handle long-distance relationships. Low patience and other priorities in life make people fall in and out of love quite often.

In this article, you will get to know the reasons why long distance relationships fail. If you are thinking of getting into a long distance relationship, you must keep in mind some of these possible hurdles. These hurdles if known earlier can be prevented rather than being faced.

These reasons might seem normal but to be honest, here, these are the ones that mostly break the relationship.

Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Fail

Lack Of Trust

The most common reason for any long distance relationship to fail is the lack of trust between the partners. Trust is the base of each and every relationship. Relationship advice tips suggest that you must trust your partner wholeheartedly. This would lead to the relationship bond become more and stronger.


Insecurities is another reason why long distance relationships fail. Doubts and lack of confidence in your partner is not good for these relationships. You and your partner should express each other your insecurities and should work towards it. If you and your partner are in a long distance relationship, make sure insecurities do not take over your mind. A good relationship advice is to stop getting insecure with your partner and believe in him/her.

New Company

In long distance relationships, you meet new people and tend to get attracted to them as you spend more time with them. This is one common reason why long distance relationships fail. You must keep good contact with your partner all the time to avoid getting attracted to someone else.

Lonely Feelings

If you are in a long distance relationship, you must talk to him/her at least once every day. Otherwise, the feeling of loneliness will engulf you. This is one reason why long distance relationships fail. Long distance relationship requires the couple to be in touch as much as they can. They should indulge in each other rather than keeping one another lonely.


Being busy is not bad but having no time at all for your loved ones is sure to ruin your relationship to some extent and one fine day, it may even collapse. Give each other more time than you used to. Your partner needs to be on par with your thoughts and you can do that only by being available to them.


You should give priority to nourish your long distance relationship. A relationship advice is to make your love your priority if you do not want the relationship to fail. Every long distance couple needs to know that the first priority for them is to keep their partner happy. The only way to the long distance relationship from not being a failure is to prioritise each other.


It is obvious that with a long distance relationship, you will get attention from a lot of other guys or girls. This may serve as a distraction. If you do not want your long distance relationship to fail, you must keep a check on what you are doing. Do not indulge yourself elsewhere.

Cravings For Intimacy

Say it the physical needs or cravings, making love can be a reason for the failure of long distance relationships. When a couple has not been with each other for a long time, the cravings in the relationship increases. The thirst for flesh and bones, at times drives a partner to cheat and this creates the void in the relationship.

Emotional Support

The emotional support tends to reduce if a distance comes in between two partners. This can cause feelings of being ignored or avoided, resulting in the breaking up of the relationship. Emotional support if not available, a couple tends to drift apart. It is necessary for every couple to have emotional support for each other in the relationship.

Constant Fights

Many couples in long distance relationships have constant fights. A good relationship advice is to meet often, talk on the phone regularly and avoid fights. If you are far apart, you rather plan for quarterly meetings in order to keep the intensity of love alive in between the two of you. By this, you will avoid fights and look forward to meeting each other.

These are the reasons behind long distance relationship failing miserably. Try to avoid these reasons in each and every way to lead a happy long distance relationship.

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