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What We Expect From Our Partner?

By: Asha Das
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Nothing will make your life more beautiful than loving and being loved. Getting a partner of your mind's choice to share your love will make it even more exciting. Everyone will have expectations from their partners in a certain way which will make the relation successful. These are some of those desired expectations we all have from our partner.

Love: The first and foremost thing everyone wants from their partner is love. They expect love to be unconditional and everlasting. Everybody wants to feel that they are loved. Expressing love and affection will make the relationship strong.

What We Expect From Our Partner?

Understanding: Without proper understanding, no relationships can survive. Knowing the partner's passion, interests, likes and dislikes can form a better understanding levels.

Care: For a healthy relationship, it is essential for both men or women to take good care of their partner. Emotional support from your partner will give you enough strength to overcome any crisis in the life.

Trust and sharing: Trust is the foundation of every relation. All partners should trust their better half halves. Once the trust is broken, all your attempts to bring it back will be in vain!

Respect: Everybody expects respect from their partner. Their personality and interests must be properly considered by the partner. This is one of the expectations we all have from our partners.

Romance: Romance is the bonding force between partners and is essential to enjoy togetherness. Romance gives excitement which adds energy and life to the relationship. Both men and women have this expectation from their partners.

Appreciation: The desire of getting appreciated will be there in everybody's mind. We all love to be appreciated and this also boosts up self-esteem.

Friendship: A healthy friendship is what you need for a happy relationship. It will avoid ego and clashes. Friendship will help to express ourselves without being conscious of rights and wrongs.

Commitment: Another key factor that everybody seeks in their partner is commitment for an everlasting relationship.

As dreams and imaginations are not limited to one person, remember to satisfy your partner's expectations as well. It is a basic criteria for a happy and healthy relationship.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 28, 2013, 11:00 [IST]
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