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Signs That Your Relationship Has Ended

By: Anvi Mehta
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Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. There is nothing like spending your life with the one you truly love. But sometimes, even this love is not just enough. Every relationship has to go through a rough and dry phase. Some couples survive this and lead a happy life ahead. But many cannot make it through this phase of love.

Every couple tries hard to save their relationship and make things work out. In doing so they cannot recognize that the relationship is failing and why they should let it go. Before any relationship fails, there are a few signs that indicate the end. Look out for these signs if your relationship is going through a tough phase.

Relationship Has Ended

1. The Formidable Silence- This is when you have nothing to talk about. Sometimes, it so happens that a couple is left with no common topics of interest to discuss about. They're fed up and have nothing to say to each other and have fallen into a routine worthy of a couple who have been together for forty years or more. They have little or no interest in each others lives. A relationship is hollow without communication.

2. The Arguments- When you start and end your each day with an argument, it is time for you to rethink of your relationship. Arguments are good for a healthy relationship, but not every now and then. Arguing all the time doesn't necessarily mean your relationship has hit a dead end. It depends on what you're arguing about and the nature of your fights. Fighting quickly for every small reason and fighting dirty in public are signs of a bad relationship.

3. The craving for independence- Every relationship needs space. When one starts feeling suffocated in a relationship and wants freedom from it, it means that something is going wrong and needs to be mended. This is the time when couples distract themselves into their careers, sports or other hobbies and avoid being with each other.

4. The Secrets- Trust is the basis of any relationship. When one starts keeping secrets, it is a sign of a bad relationship. There should be no scope of lies, betrayal or secrets in any relationship. There is no future of a relationship where one cannot share his thoughts or hides his true self. This may sometimes even lead to cheating and manipulating.

5. The "No Sex"- Intimacy is very necessary for a relationship. If you no longer feel the warmth in your relationship, do something about it soon. Sex should not just remain a need; it should have the same pleasure and feelings like when you had it for the first time. 'No Sex' or 'Feeling Less Sex' is the biggest sign of a bad relationship.

If you observe any of these or all of these signs in your relationship, think over it again. The best way is to either talk over it to mend it and even if that doesn't work, let go yourself and move on.

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Story first published: Monday, October 14, 2013, 16:03 [IST]
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