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Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You


You have to go through a lot of relationships to find your soul mate. Very few people meet their Mr or Miss Right in their first relationship. So, break ups and the process of moving one is now a part of modern life. Sometimes we stay in touch with our ex because you parted as friends. But if you had a nasty breakup you could block out your ex. There is always a possibility that your ex still loves you after a break up.

If your ex still loves you, he or she will give you some signs. In case you are still in touch with your ex, these hints will be given directly to you. But even if you are not in touch with your ex, he or she can get a message across to you through your friends. Either ways, your ex will try to get you back. Many a times, ego or fear prevents your ex from directly approaching you. But if your ex still loves you, he/she will drop you subtle hints.

If you observe these signs then you can be sure that your ex still loves you and wants you back.


Calls You For No Reason

When you ex misses you and wants to mend your relationship, he or she will call you for no reason. They will call you and talk about unimportant things. This casual small talk is just a way to talk to you.


Remembers Your Birthday

Your ex might have had a terrible memory for birthdays and anniversaries before. But after the break up, he or she will remember all your special days and wish you religiously.


Stocks You Online

Since the social media has made all our lives very public, it is very difficult to keep your life private. But through some settings you can find out who visited your profile and saw your pictures.


Criticises Your Current Partner

If your ex still loves you, he or she will take every opportunity to criticise your current partner. They will find faults with your partner and make it apparent that you are too good for your partner.


Ask Common Friends About You

If you do not communicate with your ex, he or she will try to use your common friends to find out about you.


Talks About Your Time Together

When you talk to your ex, he or she might suddenly talk about your relationship and the good times together. This is a ploy to remind you that you both were happy together.


'Likes' All Your Photos

The only person who presses the 'like' button for all your Facebook photos is your jilted ex lover.


Sends You Suggestive Text Messages

Your ex will send you lovey dovey text messages about love or philosophy quotes. These messages will be sent as innocent forwards, but you know what they mean.


Follows You Around

Your ex will find vague reasons to run into you at different places. He or she will suddenly find some work at your office or college. This is just an excuse meet you.


Gives You A Shoulder To Cry On

Whenever you are upset, especially if you had a fight with your current boyfriend, your ex will be there to give you support. You can count on his or her shoulder to cry on.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 23:58 [IST]
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