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Nerdy Ways To Propose

By Anvi Mehta

Nerds are simply geniuses who prefer to live in their own little planet. Nerds are different than the regular crowd in a lot of ways. They have a different life style, a weird fashion sense and theories that normal people cannot understand. In the same way, nerds have a weird style of proposing as well.

Nerds are fascinated by things we normal people find weird. For example, nerds would love to propose their partner wearing the suit of her favorite super hero. This is quite a weird proposal for many ordinary human beings. There are many such nerdy and weird proposals that are used by this highly distinctive crowd of smart people.

A few such nerd ways to propose are mentioned below. Thought they are weird proposals, but if you are in love with a geek, you can try one of these.

The "Super Hero" Concept - Nerds and geeks are fans of super heroes and sci - fi comics and movies. They can watch these films for days and never get bored of them. In fact such movies and comics inspire their work. One weird proposal inspired by the super hero concept is proposing your partner wearing their favorite hero costume. You can also use dialogues from their favorite movie and propose them.

The "Rings" - The weirdest proposal a nerd can make is using rings inspired from the movies and comics. In fact there are many such rings available that have symbols of superman, star trek and other movies used. These are special demands from the geek crowd. It is a very weird but innovative way to propose somebody.

The Research Dedication - It is a privilege if any geek dedicated his lifetime of work to somebody. It might sound like a weird proposal, but many nerd proposals are done using dedications to their loved ones. They dedicate a whole research on astro physics or gene technology and propose. Normal crowds would never even imagine something like this, just a song dedication is enough.

The Sci - Fi poetry - Any nerd would think it as the best way to propose by writing a poetry for their loved ones. This method is used by normal people also, but the difference between the normal crowd and the geek crowd is that the geeks use words which are not even in the dictionary of the normal crowds. Imagine sentences like "Your heart is a black hole I jumped into" or "You are the DNA I want to merge into mine and create a transmutation love story." Weird proposals by geniuses.

The Geek Gifts - Proposals are incomplete without flowers, gifts or rings. This is one thing common in the geek as well as normal proposals. But the choice of gifts varies amongst depending on the classes. The geeks prefer gifts like a famous book on mind reading, the latest play station or a gadget for somebody tech savvy. These are weird if used for proposals. There is nothing appealing or romantic for us, but the geeks and nerds would love getting such gifts.

Though the nerds have weird proposals but finally they share the same feeling of love as we do. The way of expressing their love is a little unorthodox and different. But, nerds have made a little style statement of their own.

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Story first published: Monday, December 2, 2013, 13:21 [IST]
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