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Mistakes That Men Never Forgive

Both women and men make mistakes as far as relationships are concerned. This mistakes arise out their respective natures and the disparity between male-female psychology. Mistakes are made but we do forgive our partner for these mistakes most of the times. However there are some mistakes that men consider as unforgivable.

These mistakes that women make end up being relationship killers. This is because, men cannot forgive their partner for committing these blunders. That is why, women should try and avoid these mistakes that men cannot forgive.


If a woman cheats, her boyfriend or husband will probably never forgive her. The case of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart is a classic one. Rob did try to forgive Kristen after she cheated but eventually couldn't. Women generally forgive their partners more easily for cheating.

Misbehaving With Their Parents

You may not like his parents and vice versa. But if you openly misbehave with them, he will never forgive you. Being rude to your would-be in-laws is an absolute relationship killer. Especially, if you antagonise his mother, then you are over and done with.

Disrespecting His Work

If you ever say even in a fight that he does a 'lousy job' or a 'lowly job', he will remember it for a lifetime. There is a good possibility that he will never forgive you.

Belittling His Salary

Men are very touchy about their pay packet. That is why the famous saying comes that you must never ask a man his salary. If you ever reveal his salary to your friends or tell him he earns too little, it is a mistake your man will not forgive.

Showing Insecurity

The moment you start acting insecure or needy with a guy, he brands you a loser. He gets scared that you will stick to him and take away his freedom.

These are some common mistakes that men never forgive. Have you ever made any of these critical mistakes.

Story first published: Thursday, June 6, 2013, 9:27 [IST]
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