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Dumb Things Men Do To Impress Women

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There are many men who tend to do silly mistakes just to impress a woman. When you want to impress a girl, all freaky things come to your mind and you follow them blindly. Well, you need to work smart to impress your lady love. However, some men do dumb mistakes that can be a real turn off!

For example, if a man tries to smoke a cigar which he has never tired, just to impress a girl, he is doing a dumb thing. This silly mistake will only make him appear a joke in front of others. Similarly, there are some other dumb things that men do to impress women. Here is a sneak peak at the dumb things men do to impress women.

Dumb Things Men Do To Impress Women:

Dumb Things Men Do To Impress Women

Showing-Off: There are many men who try to show-off just to impress a woman and make her come behind him. If the woman is smart, she will know that this is a typical dumb thing a man is doing to impress her.

Over-Dressing: You need not try something silly by wearing uncomfortable clothes and colours just to impress a girl. Over-dressing can only make you look like a funny toy who can be laughed at!

Acting Over-Smart: It is one of the dumbest things men do to impress women. A blend of wit and humour will do wonders to impress a girl. So stop acting over-smart as it is only testing her cool and patience.

Trying To Do Something Which You Can't: If you light a cigarette in front of a girl just to show that you are cool, you are making fun of yourself. Picking up a cigarette or alcohol to impress a girl makes you look like a douche. Imagine how stupid you would look when you get sloshed and end up vomiting in front of her!

Inviting Physical Fights: Men and their ego always think that their masculinity will help impress a girl. Well, inviting fights is making you appear like a rowdy. Secondly, women hate violence and such dhishum-dhishum acts are only cherished on screen. So do not make a fool of yourself.

Acting Occupied: Oh if she is trying to show interest in you, you try to pretend busy. You either look into your phone which is neither ringing nor vibrating! It can be a dumb turn off and you will end up having your drink all alone at the party!

Using Umm Slang: These days slangs have become a tradition. Using unacceptable slangs and words is a common habit. But, you need to behave yourself rightly in front of a girl. She might feel embarrassed and hate you for the dumbest thing that you are doing at that moment.

These are few dumb things that men do to impress women.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 10, 2013, 4:00 [IST]
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