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Friendship Day 2019: Surprise Your Partner With These Heart-warming Gestures

In 1935, the US congress decided to dedicate a day to celebrate and honor friendship. The day is named as Friendship Day and is celebrated worldwide on first Sunday of August every year, with great joy and fun. In every mall, cafe, restaurants, schools, colleges and movie halls, you can find friends celebrating the bond of friendship. This year in 2019, the friendship day is on 4th August.

Well, friendship day which is falling on 4th August this year has come closer. So, it is time to strengthen the bond with your friend and take the oath of being loyal to each other. However, friendship day can also be special for couples. You might not know, but a lot of couples take their partner as their best friend. This day, they celebrate it with their partner. It is just a way to make your partner feel close, special and loved! It is most common among women where they consider husbands as their best friends. So, if your partner is your best friend, then here are few ways to celebrate friendship day with him/ her.

Celebrate Friendship Day With Partner:

Words Speak: Wishing Happy Friendship Day to your partner might look odd as he/ she won't be expecting this suddenly. So, express yourself through words and and let your partner now that you take him/ her as your best friend.

Gift: It is just an excuse to gift something to your partner. Instead of tying those kiddish bands, you can gift something delicate. For example, a collage of your memorable moments can be the best friendship day gift. You can quote them if you want to.

Roses: You can also brighten up the morning by wishing Friendship Day to your partner with a dozen of roses. Do not stick to red. Pick up other colours like yellow and pink so that it looks romantic yet goes with the occasion!

Watch Your Favourite Film: It is the day to pick up an old DVD from the rack and watch it. This is one of the ways to celebrate friendship day with your partner and also get to spend some time with each other.

Hangout: Ahh!!! This is the best way to celebrate friendship day with your partner. Hangout at a place where you two can open up and enjoy to the fullest. For example, hit a bar and get drunk. This is the day to relax and have some fun with your partner.

These are few ways to celebrate friendship day with your partner. Take a break from your hectic life and make your best friend know that he/ she is still special to you!

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