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After First Date: What Comes Next?

After your first date with someone, you are left with a lot of unanswered questions. If it was a good date and you liked the person you met, you will be full of anxiety. Did he like you, will she call back are the questions running through your head after the first date. And if it was not a good date, then you will be thinking of the best possible way to dump your partner already.

Just like there are unwritten societal rules by which we function, dating rules are also informal. There is no strict code of conduct as far as dating is concerned. But you must still follow some loose dating rules to be 'romantically correct'. Especially after the first date, you must play by the rules.

Here are some possible outcomes after a first date.

You Start Planning Next Date

After the first date, if you are happy and you get a positive vibe from the other side too, you can take it forward to the next date. Many couples plan their next date before the part after their first date. Such relationships usually go a long way because, both parties have liked each other instinctively.

You Play Hard To Get

If you are a guy, this will not work for you. You will have to be the go-getter. But girls can take their time and play hard to get. Even if you have liked him, you can purposely put off meeting him for a few days. But do not be too hard to get or else your date will look for greener pastures.

You Wait For His/Her Next Move

Suppose you had good date, but you still are not very sure. It could also be that you do not know whether your date liked you or not. In such cases, it is best wait and watch. Do not make any aggressive moves like turning up at his/her doorstep. You can send a friendly text message if you want. But just wait for your date's next move to get the hint.

You Beat Up The Friend Who Set You Up

There are many friends who purposely set you up on disastrous dates. If you have had a torturous first date, then you will probably go looking for the friend who set you up for this cruel practical joke.

You Block Your Date On FB

Sometimes, it can happen that you do not want to go ahead after the first date. But your date really liked you and is crowing your 'inbox' with messages. The best way to get away from a clingy date like that would be block his her on Facebook and on your phone. Hopefully, you have not revealed your address already!

These dating tips can help decide what to do after the first date. Did you have any of these experiences while dating?

Story first published: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 20:27 [IST]
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