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Never Use These Slang On Your Partner!

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Using slang is a common thing these days. Be it in between friends or with colleagues, we all have accepted the rise of this trend. Using slang is fine but when it comes to your parents or partner, you have to be very choosy with your words. Using inappropriate words or slang can be dangerous for your relationship. We generally use slang when we are either angry or just trying to show some affection. Depending on the situation and intentions, a slang can be considered positive or negative. However, there are few slang that a couple must avoid. Conflicts happen but don't make them ugly by using these dirty slang words.

Never Use These Slang On Your Partner!

Slang you must never use in front of your partner:

Mother F*$#er: Well this slang directly relates to your mom. I know we are used to saying this slang in front of friends and people we hate. However, if you use this slang on your man, he will definitely get angry on you.

Wh#$e: Promiscuous women are often called with this slang. It is not a healthy slang that can be accepted by your woman. Calling her a wh#$e during a fight or when you are angry can spoil your relationship more as it directly attacks the character of a woman. So, never use this slang in front of your woman.

Bi@#h: Using this slang on a woman again goes on her character. If there is no trust and you lack understanding, slangs like this come out of your mouth.

Son of a bi@#h: Reading this slang in a novel or hearing it in a movie can tempt you to use it in your real life. But, this slang can spoil your healthy relationship. The meaning of this slang word is very sleazy and points on the character of the man's mother. Vent your anger by yelling but never use this slang!

F***er: Using the F slang is a trend now. From young ones to adults, people use F slang like Oh My God! Couples only use this word when they vent their anger on their partners. Most of the times you do not mean it but while fighting, if you use the slang, you will have to pay for it!

These are few slang that couples must not use. If you want a healthy relationship with your partner, never utter these dirty words from your mouth.

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