Have No Time For Relationships?

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No Time For Love
A very old saying goes that you can never be too busy for love. Looks like the author of this saying did not envisage what the modern world would be like. Having no time for relationships is a real issue these days. Many movies like Up In The Air or Deception have actually shown the perils of lifestyle that does not allow healthy relationships to grow.

Relationships need time and if you cannot provide that time, you will end up with nasty couple problems. Following are the situations you might relate with..

1. The Rich Sailor: You might be a rich guy in your twenties with a promising career in sailing. But the truth remains that, when you sail for 10 months in a year, you have no time to fall in love. A healthy relationship cannot develop in the meager amount of time you spend at home. Unless you have already found your special someone, it is going to be trouble.

2. The Busy Corporate: Even in real life, some peoples lives are truly 'Up in the air'. Jobs that require you to travel around the world almost all year are reality. The World is a global village and globe trotting is a common thing now. So, how do you give time to a relationship to mature into love? You have to take sabbatical from work and call it the 'trying to fall in love' break!

3. The Transferables: People who have transferable jobs like government administrative officers or global corporates too have a big problem. You might have the time to fall in love but is your partner going to pack the bags and move with you all the time? What about your partner's career choices? Are you willing to be in a long distance relationship forever?

4. The Workaholic: You might belong to none of the above professions and yet find it difficult to find time for love. In that case, you are a workaholic who cannot look beyond work. You have voluntarily shut out love. All you need to do is open the windows allow love to sweep you over.

The above peculiarities of our modern lives make it difficult to give time for relationships. You could possibly try long distance relationships or online dating to overcome it. Did you ever think that falling love could be an occupational hazard?

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 6, 2012, 9:29 [IST]
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