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Space In Relationships – A Need or Excuse?

Her love began all of a sudden and it was the best feeling she had ever felt. Her heart beat raced up every time she heard his name and the sound of his voice made her melt in the knees. The blush on her cheeks tinkled the sparkle in her eyes and alas she said to herself, 'I FINALLY FOUND LOVE'!

Wrong choices she had made in the past relationships made her realize that the future she stands in today is the right path to success.

Four romantic meetings that formed her broad smile sadly ended into a long distance relationship as her love had to fulfill his career commitments and move to another location to live up his dreams. Still believing in her heart, she made it a point to be with her love even though it seemed he had no time for her! Holding on to her strong heart crying out with deep pain inside her she turned to me and said , 'Will It End?' I had no words to say as I was confused myself as to what her love wanted from the relationship.

Phone calls kept on hold and messages unanswered by her love made me understand, Does he need space in the relationship or is he not interested? Finally, the answer was revealed when he turned to her and told her he needed space in the relationship. Shocked and uncontrollable tears rolled down her cheeks as she stood in front of me. Comforting her never seemed to be enough as I know she did give him space in the relationship.

The amazing part of this long distance relationship was that even though she and her love were in two different destinations , she would have sleepless nights waiting for him to come home after a long day's work and through this he dint realize how much she cared. Space in the relationship wasn't enough for him as he was caught up in his work that kept his mind busy not wanting to miss her, she felt! Sad enough, the question lies here, does he need 'so much' of space in the relationship only to keep his focus on his work and not on love? What should she do in this long distance relationship, leave him or continue to chase an empty dream?

Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 12:26 [IST]
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