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    How To Deal With Over Friendly Guys?

    Over Friendly Guys

    Over friendliness is a trait that gets irritating and even annoying at times. While it might pass off as chirpiness in a girl, in a guy it is seen as a sign of desperation. Such desperate men are not that difficult to come by. You will see them everywhere in clubs, pubs and offices just walking up to you going on from there as if they have always known you. You do not have to be mute spectator to such irritating men. You can actually escape them if you are just a little smart.

    Here are some relationship tips to help to deal with over friendly guys who are bugging you. Apply a combination of them to your specific situation for the best results.

    Tips To Get Rid Of Over Friendly Guys

    • The best way is to be curt and they will get the message. If someone has been bothering you with repeated offers of 'coffee', 'dinner' or whatever bait they use to lure girls, then just cut them short in mid sentence with a firm 'no'. If he is not totally shameless then he will get the message.
    • Do not try to be funny with such desperate men. If someone makes a pass at you and you say 'do I look like I am interested' with a mock smile, he might take it as encouragement. More often than not such guys majorly lack a sense of humour so they won't get the joke and pursue you with renewed vigour.
    • It is not always possible to be that rude to irritating men. Consider a situation that you know the guy vaguely through a friend or something. So you would definitely not want to shoo him away because it can lead to relationship problems between you and that friend.
    • In such situations it is best to ignore this over friendly person totally. Some people are like human fungus, they grow on you. As soon as you anticipate that he is going to approach you get busy with another friend. Give him the royal snub and see how thing turn out.
    • There are other situations where it is not even possible to snub desperate men. Imagine if you have one such character at your work place. Worst still, your boss falls under this annoying category. You cannot possibly be curt to colleagues without spoiling your work environment.
    • In such cases you have to beat them with your brain. Maintain a totally professional attitude and be politely firm to any attempts to distract you from your work. Blame it on work pressure. Any requests for a coffee date can be silenced by saying 'my boyfriend is coming to pick me up!'
    • Never react violently to such people because they can be unpredictable. Some might squirm and run away, other might get insulted and become violent.

    The world is full of over friendly guys so keep your space with these tips.

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