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Must Dos Before Moving In Together!

As the modern age proceeds moving in together without any legal or ceremonial marriage is becoming increasingly common. We hear that there are many couple who believe in live in relationships but what happens when you actually want to move in with your partner. There are millions of small problems that crop up. Living in together before marriage still has a mixed, mostly negative, reaction from society and a precarious legal standing.

So let it not be a hasty decision and sort out these essentials before moving in together with your partner.

'Must Dos' Before Moving In Together:

  • Choose a locality that is permissive and non judgmental. Thy art thou neighbours friend so it is very important that you don't land up with hostile neighbours. Neighbours are the first people you will need in any kind of emergency.
  • You need to ask around the locality and check notes with your friends who are also living together before marriage to check which is the best place to rent or buy a house. Go for localities where students stay in large numbers because family residents are less accepting of such things.
  • Never lie to the land lord or person you are buying the house from that you are married. Moving in together in not a crime but fabrication of identity most certainly is.
  • Make sure that the agreement of the house includes the names of both partners in the live in relationship so that one of you is not considered an illegal occupant and thrown out.
  • You need to keep your finances very clear. Never ever go for any joint bank accounts or mutual investments. These financial commitments can be very dangerous when it comes to live in relationships. Even a small spark of a misunderstanding can embitter the relationship.
  • You have share expenses when you both are living together. Keep the division of funds clear and transparent. It might be a trivial matter for married couples then but for unmarried couples staying in the same house it becomes a major relationship problem.
  • If your parents do not know that you are living together with somebody then install two different landlines in the house and do not answer each others calls
  • You need not go on a campaign telling everyone of your friends and acquaintances that you are living under the same roof. Tell only close friends and relatives if you want because such things travel pretty fast.
  • You should take a call on how you are going to share space before you move in. remember that you may not be getting married legally but you will have all the discomforts and little commitments of a married couple.
  • You will have to share your bathroom, your closet, your kitchen an your living space with someone. It is require all the adjustments needed for living together after marriage with the element of permanence missing from it.

Follow these relationship tips closely before you take the decision of moving in together.

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Story first published: Monday, October 24, 2011, 17:24 [IST]
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