Mistakes Which Creates Distance In The Relationship

By A Mixed Nerve

Susan, my friend, spends one hour at night on the terrace. Walking down the terrace, she remembers this was exactly the place where her best friend had proposed her. It was 15th of December, very cold and she was there sitting on the railing talking to him when he suddenly proposed.

She was not expecting this to happen but something in her was very happy and exactly after three days, she said a yes to him and now after two years of relationship, the excitement is over and they barely find a topic to talk about. Love still prevails but something has disturbed the behaviour.

distance in the relationship

This story apart from her is true for many others and the only solution to the distance in a relationship is to understand the reason. The reason usually is some unnoticed mistakes, which one tends to make in the relationship.

Some mistakes which cause distance in the relationship can be:

1. Being A Workaholic

One of the basic mistakes that create distance in the relationship is work. Career is important; but in the race to achieve the career aim, sometimes we forget the person whom we love. 24X7 jobs are growing up to become the major reason for relationship problems.

The way to a happy relationship is always a perfect balance between work and family. You can be workaholic in office but at home, you have to play the role of a family person. This is the only way out for you.

2. Long Distance

Long distance is another big reason for the creation of distance in a relationship. Having less time for communication, lack of physical meetings and time gaps of the day, create distance and thus communication is affected. In a long-distance relationship, communication is the only string which binds two people and if that breaks, the problems that arise in the relationship are inevitable and you cannot help it. Trusting and communicating is the way in a long-distance relationship.

3. Doubts

The pillar of trust needs to be strong to assure longevity in the relationship. A single stain of doubt can weaken it and after all the fights and explanation, silence sets in the relationship and this kills the bonding between the two eventually. Doubt is one of the most dangerous and unnoticed mistakes, which creates the distance and you won't be able to help it.

A relationship is based on trust and respect for each other. Do that and you shall let doubt be on its own way without even bothering to venture into your relationship.

4. Lack Of Excitement

Excitement knows no age. Many people stop all the exciting things because they are aging. With no excitement, life becomes very boring and it is human nature which demands variety. Excitement is the energy of the relationship and it feeds on a lot of things in every couple.

Excitement makes you wild in love and excitement makes you feel loads of emotions in a matter of time. You need to keep excitement as a subject to exercise in your relationship every single day, in order for you to keep the relationship alive.

Thus, bring in some activity into your love life to keep up the charm.

Relationships are not rocket science. It is just about timing, trust, faith, love and a lot of emotions. If your relationship has all of it, then there won't be any possibility of being distant from each other. Once distance steps into the core of the relationship, it is hard for you and your partner to kick it out. So, make sure you never let distance take over your relationship and your lover.

Avoid these four mistakes to blur the distance in the relationship and enjoy the intimacy which you once enjoyed.

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