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Troubled Relationship Advice

Being in a relationship may not be an easy road all the time. It takes indiviual interest of the couple to make a troubled relationship last with love and care.

Those who are in a long term relationship, will at some point tend to get bored with their partner and thus results in a break up.

To make your long term relationship last longer and make it seem worth it, here below listed is relationship advice for you to follow to make your love life and relationship more interesting.

This relationship advice will also be a solution for your troubled relationship.

1.To build on a relationship and make it stronger the best relationship advice is to get a pet dog or a cat. This will help with your bonding and thus help you both in drawing your attention to something that you both love and care about mutually.

2.In order to get your love life going strong, plan and set targets together. You can sit down and talk about your future. Ask yourselves, where do your'l see yourselves three to four years down the lane. If you are looking for your relationship to last forever, then set your future together as one.

3.If you are not having a live in relationship, make it a point to give each other surprise visits at his or her place. Another relationship advice for those of you in a troubled relationship is that you can surprise him or her at their work spot, keeping all bad thoughts aside. This will surely boost your relationship and help you both through tough times.

4.To make relationship interesting, couples can throw parties together. This is a fun way to help your troubled relationship. Invite common friends or your collegues or even your family members home for a party. In this way, it will help you both to get to know each other's indiviual life and your set of friends and well wishers.

5.Another way to make relationship interesting is to set time apart from each other. Set aside activites which you can do alone. Meet friends, have a pyjama party or simply just go fishing with your buddies. This is the best relationship advice to give each other some personal space. It will also make your relationship healthy and happy. It is also said that when you spend time apart you will at some point miss your loved one making your love grow deeper.

6.For troubled relationship, try to spice things up by giving each other gifts now and again. Most of the women love surprises. The gift you buy need not be pricey, it is the thought that matters the most. Give him or her cards or simply write him/her a love letter, to express your love for one and another. In this way it will make the relationship interesting.

There are many other ways to simply get your troubled relationship back on the love track and make the relationship interesting.

Story first published: Monday, November 15, 2010, 12:27 [IST]