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Why Old Women Fall In Love With Young Men?

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Love goes beyond boundaries but it is a social norm that women has to be a few years younger to the men. The reason being that women mature earlier than men. Thus a 16 year old women will have the maturity of a 20 year old boy. But the course of time and westernization is gradually blurring this line. The recent trend is of older women falling in love with younger men. The term used for it is, cougars. The most recent example is Abhi- Ash. Well, but why do older women fall in love with younger women?


1.Feel Younger –Old but young at heart. Women hate to grow old and thus love to cling to the younger self. Affair with younger man, makes her feel accepted among the young lot. She feels flattered and being liked by a younger man. It gives her sense that her beauty is ageless. In short, an affair with a younger soul, makes a women feel young.

2.Domination –Older generation is always dominant on the younger lot and the same is practiced in an old women-younger men relationship. The women in such kind of relationship is always more dominant. This boosts her ego and at the same time satisfies her of still reining the throne.

3.Understanding –It has been noticed that high profile women get romantically involved with younger men. It is because she might be looking at the world in a different way than men of her own age. Her look out matches the younger thought process. Thus, she finds herself comfortable in their company.


4.Accepted –Older unmarried women, find it very difficult to deal with the society. She is offered to get married with someone who is much older to her and it would rather be a compromise. She does not deserve it and this is understood only by the younger lot. Most of the time it happens that when a older women gets support from a younger boy, she gets dependent on him and a relationship is inevitable.

5.Loneliness -A successful women in her mid thirties, even in this so called modern society, finds herself lonely. Any kind of support at this time, becomes a life source and it becomes obvious that one would like to spend her life with someone who is shedding her loneliness away.

Older women and younger men relationship, works or not is not easy to answer. We have seen such relationships being a success but at the same time we also have examples of these relationships not working. Relationships, actually depend on understanding and love. Age is only one of the factors which can be handled.

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Story first published: Monday, July 5, 2010, 12:53 [IST]
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