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Win back those lost loving moments

By Super Admin

Every love affair has its own lifespan. Love may start as the strongest passion in your life. However as time passes relationships once so bright and full of surprises may become so monotonous. There are many reasons for the blaze of love to fade. When the fire of love finally gets out, you may experience a freezing moment in your life. Nevertheless if you do not freed from these freezing moments, just realize that the extinguished fire of love had been the true fire in your life. Now, do not hesitate to rekindle the flame of love in your life.


If you think that the unavoidable break-up was a result of your mistakes and you still love her/him, get ready to put aside your ego. Approach your love with an open heart and apologize him/her for the hurtful things that you said or did to him. If a certain habit or part of your lifestyle made the break up then now is the time for you to make genuine efforts to change yourself. You must convince your partner about your love. You can ask her/him out, do things with your lover that are important to her/him and spend time with their family.

If you think that your partner is the cause for that heart breaking incident, take up the slogan " Forget and forgive" before you approach her/him for a patch up. You can make him realize that whatever be his/her mistake, you are ready to forgive and will not raise the topic in your future relationship. You must listen to their confessions with a cool head. You must show your love towards him/her, who must be waiting to get back to the world of love with you.


There are certain 'do not do' steps to bring back your lost love. You shouldn't emotionally blackmail your lost lover to get back to you. These blackmails will actually drive them away from you. You can never bring back your lost love if you try to raise his/her jealousy by dating with another person. You shouldn't argue with your lost lover about the causes of break up and why he/she should give you another chance. Do not waste your time to bring back the lost love if your ex-lover is already dating with another person.


You must always have the belief that if you're lost love is true; it will definitely come back to you. As an old saying goes " If you love someone; let them go. If he/she comes back to you he is yours. If not, they never was..."

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 31, 2007, 12:06 [IST]
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