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Long Distance Gifts For Couples That Will Bring You Closer To Their Partner

It's a no-brainer when it comes to long-distance relationships! No one feels great when their boyfriend or girlfriend lives 15 hours away from each other. Connecting and reconnecting becomes limited to phone calls, texts and social media and with travelling becoming expensive, you are not left with many choices. Also, it becomes very frustrating when you can't discuss problems with your partner, spend quality time and celebrate beautiful moments with them in person.

It is wonderful to give meaningful gifts to your partner something that will make staying apart a bit easier and make it feel like a warm hug with your partner and speak volumes about how much you miss being with them.

Even if you both cannot be together on special occasions, the right gift can reduce the uncertainties that come with distance, reduce it a bit and bring you both closer. Your partner may feel lonely, homesick, sentimental, mushy or even sultry, and there will be no one to fill the physical or emotional void in person.

Getting gifts for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries or holidays and more may look like a daunting task, but if you need some inspiration then here are some thoughtful and heartwarming gift ideas that your partner will not only love but will also hold close to their heart.

1. Connection Bracelets

Instead of gifting them normal bracelets from a jewellery store, why not give them something that will allow you both to stay connected and brighten little moments when you are physically away from them and miss them terribly? There are bracelets from numerous brands that will let you both send sweet and cute messages back and forth and will light up or vibrate when either one sends a text.

2. Long Distance Messages In A Bottle

Store-bought gifts can be a little boring and if your partner is fond of something that is customised, then you can make a DIY bottle and add a custom message. You can write 365 handwritten letters and stack them so that your partner can read them whenever they are missing you. This is how the beauty of words works. It can bring you closer when you are miles away from your partner.

3. Video Greeting Card

If sending a pink greeting card with huge love cut-outs feels dated then get a cool video greeting card for them instead. You can make a beautiful video of the moments you both have spent together and upload it to the gadget. This will bring back the good old memories whenever they miss you or when you both go through a difficult phase in your relationship.

4. Clocks With Two-Time Zones

If you and your partner are living in two separate time zones then it can make it extra difficult in long-distance relationships and not being able to communicate whenever you want to can lead to unnecessary stress. If both of you have clocks with two time zones then this genius will solve the problem of tracking time.

5. Custom Coordinates Pendant

Be it a vertically shaped pendant or a round one, adding your coordinates or name there will literally make you feel like keeping them close to your heart. You can choose any metal (silver, gold or platinum) that you or your partner is fond of and add a chain around it. It will always remind your partner of how special your bond is.

6. Heart-Shaped Customised Pillows

Who doesn't like a fluffy pillow? Pillows are probably the go-to thing when you or your partner hug whenever you two miss each other. On a special occasion or just to show your affection you can gift them this heart-shaped customised pillow. Not only it will feel comfy to have it beside them and a customised one will even help them to lift up their mood or bring a smile to their face.

7. Custom Pretty Calendar
Staying far from your partner is difficult and therefore, if you want to tell them that you miss them every day then a custom pretty calendar will work wonders for you two. You can also highlight the special days and celebrate that in your own ways. Also, if you are planning to meet soon then you can cross out the dates as well. It will really make them happy and plan future events as well. Maybe a special date on a beach?

8. Push Pin Travel Map

If you and your partner love to travel then it is best to give your partner who is also your travel buddy a push-pin travel map. You can also customise it by creating a heart or home with a quote of your choice. This will remind your loved one of all the places you both have visited and all the memories you have created with them. Also, it will leave scope for both of you to visit all the places in the future.

9. Meaningful Art

Good art never goes out of fashion. Be it your go-to image when it comes to sharing your love story or something that makes your partner smile. They can add it to their drawing room or bedroom and that will always remind them of you. You can add a frame of their choice as well.

10. Retro USB Mixtape

If there are certain songs that you both love to listen to and it reminds you of the love you both have for each other, then a retro USB mixtape will be great. No matter where your partner is, they can tune in to the beautiful songs. All they will ever need is a USB port.

Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2023, 16:18 [IST]
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