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Who Is A Serial Dater? 7 Signs You Are Dating One

All of us want to be with someone who is supportive, loving and committed to us. Nothing will make a couple happy if they are with a compatible partner. Though it is never easy to find true love, online dating applications have helped people to find someone if they are lonely or if they want to date. But, surely Millenials have come across serial dater a serial dater or at least heard about them.

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Who Is A Serial Dater?

Do you have a friend who keeps falling in love with someone every now and then? Someone who likes the thrill of a chase? Those who don't know, a serial dater is the one who loves the game of dating many people just in a short span of time.

A serial dater will be someone who can woo you with the charm and wit and their romantic execution is no less than perfect. They constantly jump from one relationship to another within a day or two. Their feelings for you will be momentarily and will exist only for a few days or a week. They are a bit different from a casual dater- the one who gets into a light-hearted romance and sexual relationship.

Serial daters are excellent in throwing some impressive pick-up lines at random people and taking them on a date or two until they lay their eyes on some other potential partner. The relationship of these people changes so frequently that you may lose track of the number of people they have dated. Due to this, the one who is dating a serial dater is bound to have heartbreak in the end.

We have answered some questions for you so that you can be sure if you are with a serial dater.

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1. Will They Invest Their Time And Emotions On You?

Serial daters will rarely invest their emotions in a relationship. They will take you on dates and for movies but will rarely care to ask about your choices. They will hardly support you in your hard times. Since they are always in search of a new potential partner, they avoid investing their emotions in any relationship. Also, they will avoid taking your calls and texts, once both of you head to your respective places after your meeting gets over.


2. Do They See You In Their Future?

No, they don't! One of the obvious signs that you are dating a serial dater is that they never include you in your future. You may hear them making long term plans, but they won't care to include you in them. Once they are done dating you, they will jump into some other relationships. In addition to this, when you ask them to share their future plans with you, they will try their best to avoid this question.


3. Are They Eager For Physical Relationship?

Without a doubt, yes! If you are with a serial dater, it is possible that the person will give you hints that he/she wants to be physical with you. They may even try to kiss on your first date or take you to their place and jump straight in the bed. These people can be creepy at times but sometimes they are quite good at turning the spark into physical intimacy right from the first date.


4. Will They Be Honest With Their Partner?

Forget about being honest, they will hardly open themselves up in front of you. In order to make a relationship last long, it is necessary for couples to know about each other's dreams, past, future and other aspects. But if your partner stays close-lipped all the time and stops you from getting to know more about him or her, then it can be a sign that you are with a serial dater. Also, they will be least interested in knowing anything about you and they will hardly introduce you to their friends or family.

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5. Are They In For A Long-Term Relationship?

This question will make the Gods laugh as well. Long term relationship is something they will be least interested in. These people are commitment-phobic but refuse to stay single. If you are dating them, basically you are wasting time and inviting pain in your life.


6. Are They Jealous Of Your Friends?

Even if this is for a brief time, they will seek your undivided attention. They will not like it you are with someone who cares for you and can save you from being manipulated. Also, these people rush things, they get easily bored with someone.


7. Do They Make Superficial Promises?

Yes, they do and they can score 10/10 on that. When their intention is to ditch you and find their next date, emotions become alien to them. These people are good with words and they can make every promise sound real. You will find them making serious statements, but none of them will be true. They are pro when it comes to playing with people's emotions.


8. Do They Give You Their Full Attention?

Attention is something they give to themselves and not others. They have this notion that they can make their relationship work with everyone. Variety is the spice of life for them and therefore, they will not waste much time on one person. There is a possibility that they will be active on numerous dating apps, while they are with you.

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Don't fall for them because you deserve a healthy relationship, i.e., if you are looking for one!

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