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What Does True Friendship Look Like? Here Are A Few Signs To Look Out For

Relationships with those who mean the most to us help us thrive. They are there for us when we make mistakes or go through transitions at work or in any good or bad phases of our lives.

It takes time and effort to find a true friend and maintain that friendship over the years. Even a single true friend counts and puts us on the list of lucky ones.

Listed below are the eleven characteristics that distinguish true friends from all the other people in our lives.

1. They Are There For Us In Good And Bad Times

If there's one thing that can reveal a fake friend, it's this: when matters go rough, a real friend wouldn't dare leave us in the dark. In its place, it offers assistance and helps us return to the light. False friends usually abandon us when times get tough because they are only interested in being there when things are going well for us.

2. When We Do Something Wrong, They Tell Us

No one is perfect; we're all flawed in some way. True friends don't do it out of spite, but rather to hold each other accountable. Though they always hold our backs, they also point out our negative things that need attention or need to be changed. It is this kind of soft-spoken candour that distinguishes true friendships from superficial ones.

3. They Congratulate Us On Our Achievements

False friends are the ones that feel jealousy and scorn when we do something wonderful, whereas real friends are the ones who are there to share in our joy. If someone wants to know about their true buddy, they should look at who is still in their lives as they achieve new levels of success. True friends will always be pleased with us and will motivate us more in all phases of our lives.

4. They Actually Listen To Us

True friends don't have one-sided conversations. If someone can have an honest and open conversation with their friends, remember that they are the true ones, and this connection is more likely to grow and flourish. True friends not only listen to their friends but also pay attention to what they have to share and help in every way possible to resolve them.

5. They Make Us Happier

Spending time with true friends is satisfying; it leaves us feeling refreshed, energised, and full of life-affirming enthusiasm. If two people are truly friends, their energies will balance each other out; if not, one of them is likely draining the other's reserves, leading to demotivation and a feeling of sadness. This is why, it is always good to pay attention to how we feel after spending time with our potential friends to determine true friendship.

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