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6 Things That You Can Avoid Telling Your Boyfriend

In a relationship, it is quite essential to have honesty and transparency. Couples, therefore, often share their thoughts, opinions, problems and challenges with each other. But there are certain things that being a girlfriend you need to avoid sharing with your boyfriend. You may find it strange but yes, there are a few things that you can keep private.

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1. Your Social Media Passwords

There can be times when your boyfriend may ask you to share your social media password. He may also ask access to your laptop and phone that may be protected. Your boyfriend may ask you to trust him with the password. But you don't have to prove that you blindly trust him. Instead, you can politely deny revealing the passwords to your partner. Keeping your passwords private is absolutely okay and doesn't make you a cheater.

2. What You Think About His Friends

It is extremely good to appreciate your boyfriend's friends and family. But it might not be necessary that you find them good and friendly. Even if you hate his friends, it can be a bit risky to tell the same to your boyfriend. We are not saying that you should bear the wrong behaviour of his friends, but try not to complain about them all the time. Instead, you can pass some subtle hints. You can also avoid spending time with his friends and save yourself from any further disappointment and problems.

3. The Way You Feel About Your Ex

Even if you have entered a new relationship, you may not be able to get over your ex. Or there can be times when you may recall a few sweet moments from your previous relationship. We understand that you do not want to hide anything from your boyfriend and therefore, you never hide anything related to your ex and previous relationship. But your boyfriend won't always love to hear whether you and your ex are on friendly terms. If your ex is not affecting your current relationship, then it's okay to avoid sharing details about your ex.

4. Your Recent Crush

You may come across someone whom you find quite cute and adorable. He can be your colleague or someone else. But that doesn't mean you have to tell the same to your boyfriend every now and then. Yes, you can let him know that recently you found someone to be cute. If your recent crush isn't on your mind every single minute, then it is okay to not tell this to your boyfriend. You can keep this 'recent crush' chapter closed and avoid breaking the trust of your boyfriend.

5. What People Think About Your Relationship

Different people may have a different perception of your relationship. They may criticise you and your partner. Instead of getting affected by the negative thoughts and remarks of people, you need to understand that as long as you are happy together, these things must not matter to you. You don't have to discuss what people think about you and your boyfriend. If you think, people's opinions can benefit your relationship, then it's okay to let your boyfriend know about it. Else you can just keep it to yourself.

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6. Your Beauty Or Daily Routine

No matter what your beauty routine is or how you spend a lazy day, it is not at all necessary to share it with your partner. For example, whether you first apply face pack or cleanser, it's not necessary to make your boyfriend aware of it. Yes, if your partner is interested to know about your beauty or daily routine then, you can happily do it. But just because he is your partner, that doesn't mean you have to recite these things.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 19, 2020, 18:15 [IST]