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14 Telltale Signs Your Boyfriend Is In Love With Your Friend

You may find it normal to see your boyfriend and female friends have a friendly bond. In fact, you may feel happy to see that they are on good terms. There can be people who may develop a crush on their friend's partner. But what if you find that your boyfriend is falling for one of your friends? However, finding out whether your boyfriend has really developed some romantic feelings for your friends can be a bit tricky. Therefore, we are here with some telltale signs for the same.

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1. He Looks Forward To Hang Out With Her

It can be normal for your partner to encourage you to spend time with your friends. But asking you to invite your friend to spend weekends at your place or every time you go out or plan something shows that he is interested in seeing her quite often. He may always include her in the plans and would also offer to pick and drop her.

2. He Often Flirts With Her

First of all, flirting with anyone while you are already in a relationship with someone, isn't a good thing to do. This shows you are not fully committed to your partner. If you find your boyfriend flirting with one of your friends on a regular basis and also in your presence, this shows that he no more respects you. This could be a clear sign that he is either falling for her or is interested in her.

3. He Tries To Get Closer To Her

You need to pay attention if your boyfriend is growing closer to one of your friends in particular. Do you find your boyfriend suddenly trying to be her best friend and showing all the good qualities of a gentleman? Your boyfriend may be finding excuses to touch your friend or trying to spend more and more time with her. If you can clearly notice these signs in your boyfriend, then it shows that he is for sure falling for one of your friends.

4. He Seems To Be Interested In Knowing More About Her

This is no less than a red flag that your boyfriend is interested in knowing more about your friend and her family. He may seem to be too interested in knowing every single detail about her. Such as he may want to know what she does in her free time, how many people are in her family, what makes her happy, is she planning to move to a particular city, etc. If your boyfriend is always on his toes to make mental notes about your friend, then you need to pay attention.

5. He Feels Happy And Excited When You Invite Her

Do you feel that your boyfriend becomes extremely happy and excited as soon as you bring in your friend? Even if he has been gloomy for the entire day, you may find him feeling suddenly happy the moment he sees your friend. In addition to this, while the three of you are together, you may find him staring at her in a way as if he is into her.

6. He Is Friends With Her On All Social Media Platforms

We are not saying that your boyfriend should not follow your friends on social media platforms. But isn't it weird to see that your boyfriend likes and comments on each and every post of one of your friends in particular? You may find your boyfriend going through her profile all the time and having knowledge of her whereabouts.

7. He Makes Plans To Hang Out With Her In Your Absence

If your boyfriend always makes plans to hang out with her in your absence, then you need to understand that there is something wrong. Sometimes, you may find it extremely normal for them to hang out together but will you approve of this every now and then? Why would he always choose to hang out with her while you are not around? You need to ask yourself this question.

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8. He Often Asks About Her

Does your boyfriend always ask about your friend? Is he very fond of discussing one of your friends all the time? If you think this is normal then you may be ignoring a telltale sign that your boyfriend is into one of your friends. He may be discussing her because he is interested to know her deeply or maybe because he is falling for her. Therefore, pay attention to what type of questions he asks about her? Is he trying to enquire about her every now and then?

9. He Feels Uncomfortable When She Leaves

After spending time with you and your boyfriend, if your friend leaves for her place, none of you should feel uncomfortable. But if your boyfriend has been feeling uncomfortable and uneasy the moment your friend leaves for her house, then this shows there's something going on in his mind. Is he not willing to let her go or does he want to spend more time with her?

10. He Jokes For Being Willing To Date Her

We all make various jokes to lighten up each other's moods. But at times, you may end up making some weird and not so funny jokes that mess up the whole thing. The same can be done with your boyfriend. It is good to see that your boyfriend cracks some funny jokes to make your friends laugh. But if you find him joking that he wants to date your friend or calls her as his 'next to be girlfriend', then you need to be careful about it.

11. He Often Brings Up Some Inappropriate Questions

Does your partner bring up some inappropriate questions like what if he and your friend go on date? Or would you three like to have a threesome session? In addition to this, he may ask you what kind of perfume does your friend likes or what is her sexual orientation and preferences?

12. He Doesn't Approve Any Of Her Partners

There can be times when your friend may introduce you and your boyfriend to her partner. Being a guy your boyfriend may know if your friend's boyfriend is a good person or not. But if your boyfriend never approves any of her partners due to some weird and irrelevant reasons, it shows that your boyfriend doesn't want her to be with anyone. You may find your boyfriend feeling jealous of her partners.

13. He Always Talks With Her Through Texts

It is good if one of your friends and your boyfriend are good friends. You may find it extremely normal. But what if they are texting each other all the time? Seeing your boyfriend texting your friend all the time and smiling while chatting with her is itself a red flag. You need to pay more attention to find out what kind of messages does your boyfriend sends to her and for how long he chats with her.

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14. He Shows Extra Care To Your Friend

You will suddenly find your boyfriend taking extra care of your friend. He may keep in mind what are her likes and dislikes and will try to avoid things that don't please her. He will always offer her to drop or pickup. He will also offer a seat to her whenever she shows up. You will find him serving your friend as if they were the couple.

If you notice these signs in your boyfriend, then it is better to confront him for the same. Make sure you talk effectively and find out what's going on in his mind. This will help you to come to a conclusion.

Story first published: Saturday, April 4, 2020, 18:45 [IST]