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Are You A Commitment-Phobic? 11 Signs That Tell The Same

Do you feel uncomfortable the moment your partner asks for commitment in the relationship? Does the concept of staying committed to one person throughout your life intimidate you? Well, then this can be a sign that you are a commitment-phobic. Though you may love spending time with your partner, you tend to find ways to exit when he or she talks about getting married in the future. Still not convinced? These signs will tell you if you are commitment-phobic.

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1. You Are Looking For Only Casual Relationships

Are you someone who is looking for only casual relationships and not a serious one? Well, this could be because you fear commitment in relationships. You admire the idea of love and affection but when it comes to spending your entire life with someone, you step back. The reason behind this could be that you want to see more people rather than sharing your life with only one person.


2. You Don't Want To Be Labelled

Though you are happy with your current partner, you do not want to be labelled as his/her partner. You may love the idea of dating someone who makes you happy and lively but don't like being labelled as someone's boyfriend or girlfriend. The moment your partner introduces you as his/her better half, you become anxious and try to walk out. In fact, you often ask your partner not to introduce both of you as a couple.


3. You Rarely Include Your Partner In Your Future Plans

By saying so, we mean that you have no plans for sharing your life together with your partner. It can be possible that you love to be with your partner but at the same time, you are not sure whether you want to be with that person throughout your life. Also, you may feel uncomfortable when your partner tries to discuss his/her plans with you and includes you in the same. You try to give some weird and vague reasons for not discussing your future with your partner.


4. You Are Interested In Hookups

Are you interested in a casual physical relationship and one-night stands rather than having an emotional connection and attachment with someone? You just want to keep away the emotions from your relationship but be in a physical relationship with someone. In fact, you often look for people who are interested only in hookups.


5. You Don't Put Effort In Your Relationship

When two people get into a relationship, they try to strengthen their relationship by putting more and more effort. They do things to make each other happy and develop a strong emotional bond. This shows that the couple is serious about their relationship. But if this is not the case with you, it could be because you do not want to be committed to your partner.

At times you do things to make your partner smile but when it comes to investing your emotions and time in the relationship, there's no effort from your end.


6. You Often Complain About Your Partner

You may sometimes dislike your partner's choices and habits. But this doesn't mean you have to complain about your partner. The one who cares about the relationship and is serious about the same will find ways to solve the problems. After all, what matters the most in a relationship is how beautifully you and your partner compliment each other and resolve the differences.


7. You Get Annoyed When Your Partner Does PDA

As a couple, you may be quite aware of PDA, i.e., public display of affection. Couples often do PDA to show how happy and proud they are for finding each other. Though there are people who do not like PDA, feeling too uncomfortable when your partner holds your hand or gives you a soft kiss is something else. It means you are not comfortable in letting people know that you and your partner are together.


8. You Tend To Lose Interest When Things Get Serious

There can be times when your partner tries to initiate some meaningful and deep conversation. This is necessary for any relationship as it helps in solving the differences and strengthening the relationship. But if you tend to lose interest during such moments, this shows you don't care to talk something meaningful.


9. You Are At Times Flaky

This is one of the obvious signs that you are a commitment-phobic. You often refuse to show up when your partner makes a dinner or a movie plan.

Also, you often cancel the plans at the last minute and give your partner some vague reasons. In addition to this, you prefer finding some other potential partner rather than hanging out with your partner.


10. You Have Silly Reasons To Breakup With Your Partner

Well, we know breakups aren't easy. Couples may have conflicts in their relationships but many try to resolve the differences only to avoid the breakup.

But if you are someone who always has some silly reasons, such as your partner snores or has a different music taste to end your relationship, then this shows you are a commitment-phobic.

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A relationship phobic is not a bad person or someone who can't love. If you are not willing to be in a committed relationship, it is better that you convey the same to your partner rather than giving false hope.