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7 Signs That Shows You Behave Like A ‘Mom' In Your Friend Circle

If you look closely at a friend circle, you will find that every member in that circle has a specific role. For example one could be studious, others can be the prankster and there can be the one who has the solution to everyone's problems. Well, one such role is of a 'mother'. You might be surprised to know this but yes there can be a friend in your friend circle who has taken up the role of mother.

This person will be the over-protective and quite responsible for almost everything. If you are interested to know whether or not you are the mother in your friend circle, then here are some signs that will tell you about the same.


1. You Are Seen As The Most Responsible And Trustworthy Person

The first sign that tells you are actually the mom in your circle is that you are seen as the most responsible person. Even the parents of your friends trust you more than their own children. Your friend's parents feel relieved after knowing that you are also going on the trip or night out with their children.

Also, your friends tend to trust you more than others and prefer assigning important responsibilities to you.


2. You Worry If Your Friends Have Reached Home Safely

You are always worried until you get to hear that your friends made it safely to their place after the party. You tend to call and message your friends until they reach home safely. For that reason, you fear 'what if something bad happens to my friend'. Most of the time it is you who says, "Give me a call or drop me a message once you reach safely."


3. You Are No Less Than A Walking Picnic Bag

Your friends can always rely on you for anything as you are literally a walking picnic bag in your group. Your bag contains almost everything that your friends may need, such as medicines, caps, water bottle, snacks, combs, cosmetics, extra handkerchief and much more. Your friends always turn towards you when they need something as they know you are well-aware of their needs.

Even while going on picnics or trips, your luggage becomes heavier than your friends because you care too much about their needs.


4. You Keep Reminding Your Friends To Finish Their Pending Tasks

You are well-aware of the task that your friends have been delaying for weeks. In fact, your friends often ask you to remind them of the due date of submitting the project they have been doing or to pay the electricity bills on time. Also, you are on your toes to make your friends complete their work on time rather than wasting time on some unnecessary things.


5. You Care For Them As If They Are Your Kids

Often you look up to your friends as if they are your own kids. You often tend to care for your friends in a way which is quite unusual.

For example, there can be instances when you stop them from doing a particular thing only because it seems harmful to your friends. They may even depend on you for looking after their room and books. Sometimes, your friends may even feel suffocated from the way you behave around them.


6. You Are Always Concerned For The Health Of Your Friends

Since you act as a mother, you are always worried if your friends are eating healthy food or not. They are constantly reminded by you to stop your friends from eating unhealthy and junk food. Not only this, you often ask your friends to work out and keep themselves fit.

Also, you make sure that during illness your friends are taking proper medication on time. Even if you have some extremely important task to do, you never forget to remind your friends for taking care of themselves.


7. You Never Fail To Stop Them From Making Wrong Choices

When it comes to taking a decision or choosing something, you are always there to assist your friends. In fact, they prefer to consult you and take your opinion into account. For that reason, you won't give them any wrong advice and will always care for their well-being. From choosing what to wear for the date to how to lose weight, you are always on your toes to stop your friends from making any wrong choices.

So if you are able to relate yourself with the above-written points then it is pretty obvious that you are the mother in your friend circle. Rather than feeling awkward and shy, you should feel proud of yourself. Know that finding someone who truly cares for others is quite rare and therefore, if someone keeps your needs before themselves you should love and respect them more and not make fun of them,

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