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7 Obvious Signs You Are Being Manipulated In Friendship

How will you feel if someone asks you to do something that you don't want to do or do not approve of? At some point in your lives, you have come across people who are manipulative and derive a sadistic pleasure from preying on innocent people. In some cases, people also fail to realise that they have been manipulated in some way or the other. This can happen in friendships as well as in romantic relationships.

We have listed seven signs that will tell you that you are being manipulated in friendship.

1. They Impose Their Decisions On You

This is one of the major signs that you are being manipulated in your friendship. Your manipulative friends will try to take charge of your life by deciding what you must do. They will not only try to decide things for you but will also compel you to obey whatever they say. They will always have reasons why their decisions are best and that you have to always listen to them.


2. They Often Discard Your Opinions

Manipulating your friends will never take your opinions into account as they love being superior and important. In that case, they try to make you believe your opinions doesn't matter. They will show themselves as a mature person who knows how to handle things. Moreover, at times they will force you to make a quick decision, especially in cases where you need to think wisely. They do so to dominate and control your decisions.


3. They Pretend To Be Concerned For You

Not every friend in your circle is genuinely concerned about you. There can be some friends who fake their concerns, only to manipulate you. erfor Their intentions are to make you believe they are the most caring and trustworthy person. You will get the vibe if someone genuinely cares for you.


4. They Take Favours From You

Your manipulative friend will often try to take favours from you. They will first ensure to what extent you can fulfil their demands and hence, will always come up with some requests. In order to play their cards right, they will throw some reasons at you, that may seem too genuine to you. Such as they may say that they are short of money and therefore, can't buy food. Eventually, you will be compelled to buy food for them.


5. They Make You Feel Guilty

Even if it is not your fault, they will try to make you feel guilty. Someone who is manipulative will always try to be superior and powerful. For this, he or she will try to make you feel guilty by passing each and every blame on you. Even if you are not at the fault, you will be tagged as the one who is responsible, when things go wrong. They are extremely talented in shifting the blame on you and proving themselves as the innocent ones. This way they succeed in making you feel responsible for every mishappening.


6. They Often Brainwash You

One of the telltale signs that you are being manipulated in the friendship is that your friend often brainwashes you. He or she will make you doubt your own abilities by knowing your insecurities and using them against you. For this, they will knock you down by telling that you are doing 'wrong' in your life. Also, they will constantly point out your weaknesses to make you believe that you need someone's guidance and support to live your life.


7. They Act Dumb When You Are Stuck

If you are often left out, especially when you are stuck in some crisis or problems, then this can be a sign that you are being manipulated in your friendship. The manipulative friend will always ask you to help him or her but will turn their back when you are stuck in a problem.

In case, you related to most of the above-mentioned signs then it is advisable to move away from such a friend. It is better to care for your happiness, rather than suffering in a manipulative friendship.

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Story first published: Monday, February 24, 2020, 7:30 [IST]
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