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8 Signs That Says You Are Single Because Of Your Commitment Phobia

Believe it or not, commitment phobia is a real problem and there are many people who have this phobia. Those who don't know, commitment phobia is the fear of giving your commitment to a person, your partner or to your work. When you commit to your partner, you dedicate your time and emotions to him/her. This makes your partner feel important and loved.

But there are some people who become anxious the moment they are asked to commit in a serious and close relationship. They tend to find an escape route. Not only this, but their fear of commitment can at times let them stay single for a long time. If you have been single for a long time and are unable to figure out why then you need to check whether your commitment phobia is the reason behind it. Scroll down the article to read about the signs of commitment phobia due to which you may be single.

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1. You Feel Stressed When You Hear 'Commitment'

The moment you hear the word 'commitment', you feel mentally and emotionally stressed out. You fear to give any kind of dedication to someone in a relationship. The reason behind this could be your failed relationships or some tragic incidents in your past life.

2. You Are Often Reject And Avoid People

Have you avoided or rejected a potential partner, only to get away from the possibility of staying committed to that person? There can be times when you may have intentionally or unintentionally tried to distance yourself from someone who seems to a perfect partner for you. You may later regret letting that person go from your life but then a part of you feels relieved to have avoided the chance of commitment.

3. You Do Not Want To Commit To Other Things As Well

If you are not willing to commit to your work or other aspects of your life, then you may be a commitment-phobic. Such as you may not feel comfortable working at the same place for a long time or following the same daily routine for a long time. You always look for a change.

4. You Fear Isolation And Left Out

The moment you find yourself being emotionally attached to someone, you develop the fear of isolation and being left out. You often fear that people may abandon you after which you may be surrounded by loneliness. This could be because of traumatic incidents while you were young. You tend to jump from one relationship to another to prevent yourself from being emotionally attached to someone.

5. You Only Look For Casual Relationships

Another sign that your commitment phobia is keeping you single is that you look forward to being only in a casual relationship or hookups. You do not want to step into a serious relationship. The reason behind this could be your failed relationships or because you want to dedicate your entire time to your career and other important things in your life.

You try your best to keep yourself away from someone who is looking for a serious and close relationship.

6. You Do Not Want To Be In A Long-Term Relationship

Since you do not want to stick around someone for a long time, you find it extremely boring and difficult to be in a long-term relationship. Even if you are in a relationship, you never mind it in finding someone new to date. In fact, you lose interest in your partner in just a matter of a few days. Thus, it would be no wrong to say that you often jump from one relationship to another.

7. You Are Doubtful If Your Relationship Is A Happy One

This is another sign that tells your commitment phobia is keeping you single. You are mostly indecisive when it comes to figuring out whether you are with the right person. You are often doubtful if your relationship is a happy and healthy one.

8. You Come Up With Silly Reasons

You always have various silly reasons for not being in a committed relationship. Such as you find it boring to be with someone in a long-term relationship or it is good to date different people from time to time, etc. In fact, you have convinced yourself that you were not made for serious relationships.

Story first published: Monday, March 16, 2020, 17:05 [IST]
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