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Infidelity Alert! 8 Reasons Why People Cheat On Their Partners

Why people cheat on their partners can be as simple as desiring someone else. There can be numerous reasons that can trigger infidelity in relationships. It can lead to tears, broken trust, heartbreak and shattering of hope and what not. Finding out that your partner is having an extra-marital affair or is seeing someone else, can break your heart into pieces.

Someone who has been cheated upon tends to have never-healing emotional wounds about what happened. But the question that haunts the victim forever is what led to infidelity and cheating in the relationship? It is obvious that someone who was cheated on by his/her partner may not be able to digest what happened.

If you are also wondering what makes a person forget all the love and care in the relationship and find solace in someone else, then scroll down the article to read the following possible reasons.

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1. Lack Of Love

The lack of love in a relationship can also lead to infidelity in the relationship. A relationship in which there's no spark left can make one feel bored and stagnant. Instead of reviving the relationship, one may start seeing someone else. One may feel happy to have found love and the affinity of their new partner.


2. Unfulfilled Expectations

People often expect certain things from their partner. For example, one may expect his/her partner to be quite romantic and caring. One may expect gifts, fancy dates and shopping in the relationship while others may expect their partners to have a well-settled career. There can be times when one may not be able to fulfill these expectations. This is where some people step out to find someone who can fulfill their expectations.


3. Sexual Desires

Often unfulfilled sexual desires can lead to infidelity in one's relationship. It can be possible that despite love and care in the relationship, the couples may not be engaging in frequent and satisfying sex life. They may not be able to engage in some particular sexual activity or lose interest in having sex like before and thereby, disappointing each other. This way a few people try to fulfill their sexual desires and needs outside their relationship and hence cheat on their significant others.


4. Out Of Control Situations

This can be a reason which isn't intentional. In this, a person may fall prey to some situation, they can't anticipate and end up cheating on their partners. For example, one may end up having physical intimacy with someone else under the influence of alcohol. One may do so while he/she is under stress or is on a trip. This can be a mistake but one must acknowledge the mistake before it's too late.


5. Due To Anger

Anger too can lead to infidelity in one's relationship. There can be instances where people often cheat on their partner out of anger. They may do so to take revenge on their partner or to teach them a lesson. The reason why they cheat on their partner out of anger can be because of any incident or something unexpected. They may consider cheating on their partner as the right thing to do.


6. Constantly Being Ignored

This can be similar to lack of love. Some people may not withstand the ignorance of their partners. They may not feel comfortable after not getting the desired attention from their partners. This is when they may crave for the attention, love and care from their partners. But when they fail at this, they may tend to find someone who won't ignore them at all.


7. The Desire To Date Different People

Some people may have a desire to date different people. In addition to this, some people can be serial dater as well. They may not be able to stay in a monogamous relationship or committed to their partners. Thus they may cheat on their partner by dating other people. They may get attracted to other people in no less than a few days and will have the desire to hang out with them and enjoy a romantic relationship.


8. Lack Of The Sense Of Commitment

Another reason why some people cheat on their partners can be the sense of lack of commitment in them. These people may not have the sense of commitment to their partners. They may not want to commit to their partners as they find it boring and an age-old concept.

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Cheating is not black and white and it is so much more than controlling your hormones. It can be complex and deeper than you think. Also, it is not always about the external factors, we have to look inside us as well and understand the reason behind it.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 8, 2020, 18:30 [IST]
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