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8 Reasons Why Your Sister Can Be Your Best Friend

Siblings always fight with each other while growing up. They fight over many things such as for toys, chocolates, seeking attention from parents and the list goes on. But, have you ever thought that your sister can actually be your best friend? If not, then let us tell you some reasons that will make you believe that sisters can be your best friend as well and will never leave your side.

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1. She Has Been With You From The Beginning

You are with your sister from the diaper days. Both of you have grown and learned together. Therefore, there is a feeling of commitment between your sister and you. Even though both of you have an ugly fight, your sister won't leave you as she knows the bond you both share since you were infants.

2. She Understands You Like No One Else

Your sister understands you in a better way because she has been with you since childhood days. She knows what makes you upset and what makes you feel happy. She stood beside you in sickness and in pink of your health. She can listen to your agony even if you don't speak about it. She will also take care of you just like your mother.

3. She Is Your Secret Keeper

Remember those days when you spilled ink on your dad's important paper and your sister rescued you from getting scolded. It doesn't matter how dark the secret is, you can always rely on your sister for keeping your secrets. Not only this, but she will also help you to solve the problems by taking appropriate measures.

4. She Always Has Your Back

Your sister is going to have your back in every aspect of your life. Doesn't matter if she is elder or younger, your sister will make sure you are doing well. She won't hesitate to punch the person teasing you and will take a stand for you when needed. She will also convince parents to allow you to do things that you love like getting new gadgets or going on road trips.

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5. She Shares Her Clothes With You

This happens among sisters as they are always there to share clothes with each other. Even if you don't live with your sister, she will be always ready to lend you her clothes the moment both of you meet. Moreover, you won't have to worry about returning the clothes to your sister.

6. She Will Accompany You On Trips

Even if none of your friends are willing to go on a trip to a hill station or to some historic places, your sister won't disagree to accompany you on trips. She won't ditch your plan. She will come with you simply to make sure that you have a wonderful trip and crazy memories to cherish forever.

7. She Is Your Shoulder To Cry On

During the gloominess, she will become your shoulder to cry on. She will help you to cope with your breakup. Your sister won't mind if you call her at odd times and will listen to you with extreme patience. She will make sure you feel better and move on as soon as possible.

8. She Will Never Judge you

You can behave like a madman and your sister won't judge you. You don't have to think before you talk to your sister and she will never judge you. She will be all ears even when you complain about toxic relatives or about your mean classmates.

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No doubt sisters are one of our biggest support systems and they go to any extent. to make each other feel special. No doubt, they are the most precious person in our lives.

Story first published: Monday, October 21, 2019, 13:14 [IST]
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