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10 Toxic Relationship Myths That You Need To Discard As Soon As Possible

People often try various things to make their relationships strong and healthy. They often come up with their theories and ways to strengthen their relationship and keep the spark alive. Not only this, but they also try their best to avoid things that can bring conflicts and problems in their relationship.

But do you know that out of all the things that can harm your relationship, myths can also be a contributing factor? Though you may think that you are doing your best to make things better and strengthen your relationship, you may end up realising that you took the wrong step. In order to keep problems at bay and your relationship healthy, it is important to avoid believing myths related to relationships. To know what those myths could be, scroll down the article to read more.

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1. “It Is Always Love At First-Sight.”

You must have heard people saying that the first time they met their partner, they knew he/she was the one. But this doesn't mean that everyone in the world will have a similar love encounter. It can be possible that you are attracted to a person in the first meeting but that may not be your love. You need to find out if the person truly values you, respects your likes, dislikes, opinions and personal space and is happy to be in your affinity. Unless you don't spend time together, you may not be able to know if you and your partner are compatible.


2. “You Must Change For Your Partner’s Happiness.”

It is good to bring some positive changes in yourself but changing yourself entirely for your partner is something else. It shows that your partner isn't ready to accept you the way you are. If your partner constantly asks you to change yourself in such a way that may make you lose your individuality, then this isn't a good sign. You may leave your bad habits such as smoking, drinking or staying up late till night but changing your taste, fashion sense, hobbies and habits for the sake of your relationship is not a wise thing to do. This can make you frustrated and you may not give your best in your relationship.


3. “In Order To Have Trust, You Need To Share Your Passwords.”

Do you think that sharing your social media credentials and ATM pins can strengthen your bond? Well, then you are probably wrong. You may think that this will help you in winning each other's trust but that's not true. You need to trust each other, even if you do not share your passwords. Asking your partner to share his/her passwords with you, isn't a positive thing. This shows your insecurity and lack of trust in each other.


4. “Your Partner Should Always Be Your Priority.”

Just because you have entered into a relationship and are truly in love with each other, that doesn't mean your partner should be your priority. It could be possible that your partner has other priorities such as his/her career, household chores, parents and much more. There can be times when your partner may not be able to hang out with you because of an important meeting or busy schedule. In such cases, thinking that your partner doesn't love you and considers you least important can create problems in your relationship.


5. “To Love Is To Compromise.”

Of course, there are times when you may have to compromise in your relationship. For example, you may have to eat the less spicy food that your partner cooks or adjust with the curtains that you do not like as much as your partner does. But that doesn't mean you need to compromise on everything, including your self-respect and personal space. It can't be true love if an individual has to compromise every time on every single thing. A relationship can become healthier only if both individuals are ready to put equal efforts.


6. “If Your Partner Is Possessive, He/She Loves You Truly.”

At times it can be true that people often get possessive for their significant others. But if you think that being possessive is the sign of true love, then this is nothing but a toxic myth. Being possessive doesn't show that you love someone. It just shows that you want to have your partner only for yourself. You do not want him/her to associate with anyone or pursue any interest or hobby. For example, you may not like when your partner hangs out with his/her friends. Your possessiveness shows nothing but your insecurity and lack of trust.


7. “In True Love, Couples Can Read Each Other’s Mind.”

To be honest, no one can read anybody's mind. It is just that after staying together couples tend to predict the thoughts, ideas, choices and opinions of their significant others. They are able to apprehend what their partners would want to have or why they are sad or what they want to say. But one can never read one's mind. So, if you are always expecting your partner to read your mind, just because you are together, then this can spoil your relationship to a great extent.


8. “Your Marriage/Relationship Will Last Long, Only If You Have Children.”

Movies, daily soaps and some cliche concepts have made us believe that the only way to make a relationship or marriage last long is by having children. But this is not the truth as having children can affect your relationship in both negative and positive ways. For example, if you and your partner are ready to have children and take up the responsibilities that come along, then this can surely be a good thing. But if you are always fighting with each other and are rarely respecting each other's boundaries, personal space, choices, opinions and thoughts, then having children can never fix the things.


9. “Jealousy Is The Sign Of True Love.”

You may get jealous of your partner's friends and this is normal for many couples. But what is not acceptable is the notion that jealousy is the sign of true love. If a person is constantly jealous of his/her partner or their friends, then this is nothing less than toxicity. It shows that the person is insecure and is envious of his/her significant other. In reality, jealousy is all about how secure and happy you are with yourself and your relationship. Anything other than this is harmful to your love life.


10. “You Should Always Give And Expect Nothing.”

If you think giving everything in the relationship and expecting nothing is a great thing, then this is wrong. A healthy relationship should be about giving and taking. But if your relationship is all about giving and getting nothing in return, then there's something really wrong with it. When we talk about getting something in return, we mean to talk about respect, love, gratitude, care and affection as well. If your partner never acknowledges your efforts and takes you for granted, then this can create severe issues in your relationship.

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A relationship should be always free of toxic myths and beliefs. Only then, things can be smooth in the relationship. We hope the above-mentioned myths will help you in shaping your relationship in a better way.