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    We Are The Generation Of Unofficial Relationship

    By Tanya Ruia

    We are the generation of unofficial relationship.

    We are the generation of rebounds and non-commitments done right.

    generation of unofficial relationship

    I accept we are the millennial - the rebels, the stubbornness and the ones who are never ready for a commitment. But does it give us the right to keep everything unofficial? Why no commitments, bro? Why? Is it really a thing?

    You can always call it a hookup or a fling, but does something called unofficial dating even exist? In our generation, it does!

    Unofficial relationship means you can do everything with the person like you are in a relationship but actually, you cannot. Your bond will be public only inside the 4 walls of your house, where you behave like a couple. It will never come out of those 4 walls because you people are unofficial. It's more like a live-in with the fear of getting married.

    Who gave you the right to play with attachments like that? If you don't want a commitment, say it! If you just want to hookup, say it! If you just want what you want, say it! But, what's unofficial?

    You realize you are trapped in an unofficial relationship when you feel butterflies in your stomach due to your dating site match but that match doesn't care about your emotions. You realize you are trapped in an unofficial relationship when you are ready to travel miles for that person but that person is not interested in doing so and just wants actions. You know you are trapped in an unofficial relationship when you start taking all the shit from that person and give them none.

    We are the generation which agrees to one-night stands.

    We are the generation which has given up on love and relationship.

    We are the generation which believes that getting under someone might help to get over someone.

    We are the generation which finds love over dating sites and bars.

    We are the generations which say, 'let's be unofficial?'

    Call me old school, but I still don't understand the concept of "unofficial". I might be hopelessly romantic, but I still can't say the same lines over a text to 7 different guys and hit upon all of them. I still don't like peripheral things. I still wonder why do people kiss random people while they are drunk?

    I am still a virgin at the age of 21 in the 21st century, and I don't think it's bad. Neither do I ever want to get laid in an unofficial thing?

    Unofficial is nothing but a way you make the other person believe in the bond you share to get laid. Why call it unofficial, right? Simply call it a fling, rather name it as, 'friends with benefits.'

    We are the generation which doesn't know when to make dreams come true but has made the term, "friends with benefits" come true in the hidden sheet of "unofficial dating."

    Maybe somewhere it is true that "TO GET OVER SOMEONE, YOU HAVE TO GET UNDER SOMEONE."

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