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    Types Of Girlfriends You Will See In Your Lifetime

    By Soham

    Before thinking what kind of a girlfriend you like, let's see the types of girlfriends that one will find all through his life.

    We might have seen our friend talking over the phone to his girlfriend. After the call, he takes a sigh of relief.

    types of girlfriends

    There might be another friend who keeps sending photos to his girl wherever he is and whatever he does.

    And then comes another, wherever your friend goes, his girlfriend keeps tagging along.

    What does this show?

    Do you know?

    This shows all three of your friends have three different types of girlfriends.

    So, without giving further examples, let's see all the types of girlfriends that one would come across in his lifetime.

    Types Of Girlfriends

    1. The Jealous One

    Girlfriends who are frightened that their boyfriend will leave once they lose the visual sight of boyfriend belong to this category.

    They are very much scared of betrayal. For that matter, they keep stalking their boyfriend on each social media platform. They go to the extent of keeping their passwords as well.

    The fear in them makes them jealous that their boyfriend will leave them, making them extra conscious.

    This results in nothing but further jealousy.

    2. The Neat One

    She always makes sure everything is tip-top and organized. She doesn't want anything messed up. From her hair to her toes, everything will be just perfect. A neat and clean girlfriend she is. If you ever mess up her things, be sure to hear a lecture or a verbal drama from her side. She will make you feel sorry for the amount of time she had put in keeping everything clean and tidy.

    3. The Bossy Type

    This type of girlfriend is the one who makes sure that her boyfriend is her puppet. They not only give commands to their boyfriend but keep administrating them. From guiding what to wear to what plans to make, etc., everything is decided by them. They always take the authority and you become the puppet.

    4. The Romantic One

    These girlfriends prefer romance, PDA and what not. They want their boyfriend to be always ready to get into the mood of being romantic. They don't want to miss a single bit of time where they can continue romancing each other.

    5. The Social Media One

    Wait, this is the social media influencer or marketer girlfriend. If she eats a king crab, she will first put up the picture on all the social media sites and reply to the comments and then will start eating the dish.

    6. The Fun Girlfriend

    She is the fun one. She prefers fun activities all the time. She is always ready for a prank. She will make sure there is no missing fun in the relationship. She will always be up to something.

    7. The Dependent Type

    Everything they want to do is with the help of their boyfriends. They are almost 100% dependent. The minute things that they can do will be channelized through their boyfriend.

    8. The Melodramatic One

    Girlfriends that keep up with theatre acts in real life with their boyfriend are the melodramatic ones. They have a drama setup from each and every type of situation. If you have such a girlfriend, I'm certain you never would be going to watch movies in a theatre.

    9. The Most Caring One

    They are the humble and the gentle ones. They care for their boyfriends more than themselves. They are hard to find but easy to lose. To them, a relationship is all about patience and love. They believe in giving space and privacy. Finding such girls is tough, but not impossible. They are the ultimate girlfriend material that every guy looks for.

    10. The Selfie Girlfriend

    Look into her phone gallery and you will only find selfies and nothing more. For them missing a perfect selfie is a crime and they can't afford such a crime.

    So, these are the 10 types of girlfriends you will come across in your lifetime.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 17:00 [IST]
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