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    Signs That Suggest He Is Draining You Emotionally

    By Soham

    Every relationship is supposed to be a source of happiness, illumination of joy, support and care and a process of learning and living life together. However, often, we see one of the partners becoming emotionally unstable and is drained by the other.

    Normally, it happens with women who are emotionally drained. But one doesn't understand that it is abnormal but think it to be a part of the relationship. They make their pain an illusion and don't really care about it.

    signs that suggest he is draining you emotionally

    Women don't realize that their partner is the one draining them emotionally for various reasons. If you think you are emotionally drained by your boyfriend or spouse, it does not mean you have to break up or end everything right away. Your boyfriend or spouse might not be knowing and would be doing it unconsciously and you both can just sit and discuss these issues and clear the air between the both of you.

    Here are the signs that say he is emotionally draining you.

    Signs That Suggest He Is Draining You Emotionally

    1. He Always Complains

    He complains about each and everything. He complains about the food you cook and the way you do it. He complains the way you keep the house. He complains about the minute and impractical things which don't even matter a bit. If his expectation is not met, he complains. He also moans about the harsh life and lack of money. He complains when you don't give him any attention.
    These complaints make you unbearable to live with him.

    2. He Never Listens To You

    He will tell you all kinds of things and you will be listening to each and everything he says but when it comes to you speaking, he never listens and keeps ignoring. He takes your words for granted and doesn't bother paying a single bit of attention. This not only emotionally drains you but it makes you question your love. He feels your words are less worthy.

    3. He Gets All Your Emotional Support

    He gets the emotional support that he needs from you, but vice versa isn't the same at all. A relationship is all about sharing the emotional support for each other. But it is always you who keeps giving the emotional support but you don't get it back from his side. There is no support emotionally for you.
    You start questioning your love and think the relationship is all about him and nothing about you.

    4. He Is Never There When You Are In Need Of Him

    Is he there with you when you have an emotional breakdown? He normally walks away from you when you are sad and crying. He prefers letting you cry alone when he is supposed to be there by your side holding your hands and wiping off your tears.

    5. You Feel Tired All The Time

    You start feeling fatigue all the time and the reason behind is, there is none to support you. It means you are giving way too much for the relationship you are in. Using up too much emotion uses up your energies. This fatigue is not like the one you feel at the end of a hard day. It is the continued exhaustion of your mind and body for a long time. When we're giving too much to one person, it can leave us feeling drained and exhausted, especially when we're not getting enough back.

    Being with your partner shouldn't make you feel like you have got all of the energy sucked out of you. If you feel like that, it is because you are drained emotionally.

    6. You Start Spending Time Alone More Than You Used To

    This suggests that the reason behind you spending more time with yourself is because your partner is emotionally draining you, for which you are seeking some alone time. You feel happier when you are alone. If you are not missing your partner when he is gone, it might be a sign you don't want him around as much as you thought.

    These signs give you the impression that your partner is emotionally draining and it is about time to do something about it.
    If your partner is doing these without knowing, then it is time for you to discuss this with him and have a proper conversation. If you and your partner acknowledge that he is knowingly doing it, then you better call off the relationship. You don't have to stay and be more emotionally drained.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 19:45 [IST]
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