Qualities That Make Women Think Men To Be Attractive

By Soham

Still trying to figure out what makes women like a man or consider him attractive?

There are varied reasons that make a man seem attractive in the eyes of a woman. You might think a certain number of attributes such as having six packs or a clean and suave look.

Qualities That Make Women Think Men To Be Attractive

There are women who think about that too. But there is a list of so many other reasons that make a woman think the man is attractive.

Have you ever really asked the question, what exactly women look for in a man? The curiosity of knowing the reasons behind is the way to find the answers to such questions.

Qualities That Make Women Think Men To Be Attractive.

#1 Well-Spoken:-

A man is desirable when he is well-spoken. This is one of the most attractive features a man has that lures women to the table for a conversation.

A well-spoken man, masters the art of speaking and has very good communication skills. Thus, he becomes women's favourite for conversation. He has the ability to listen and speak to the point and creating an impression.
Well-spoken attitude often stands out and is noticed by women.

#2 Sense Of Humor:-

A much-required quality that attracts a woman to a man. Women generally like humor and a man who can provide it to them over conversations and even in small talks is an attractive man for them.

Women check for a sense of humor in men in the first meet itself. They crave for someone who can make them laugh in troubled times. A man who makes a woman laugh stands apart from the rest.

If you think you have that awesome quality in you, be sure you will be rewarded with great conversations and will find yourself surrounded by women most of the time for your sense of humor is a big-time attraction for them.

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#3 Attentive To Details:-

A man who is responsible and, at the same time, pays attention to the smallest change is an attractive man. Men normally pay a lot of attention but it matters when they pay attention to smaller details.

Women perceive such quality as a level of attraction.
Such an easy thing to do!

#4 Self-Confidence:-

It matters! Yes, a lot!
You need to be self-confident in order to find yourself in the list of attractive men for women.

Men who feel self-satisfied and secured in their own flesh can make a woman feel satisfied and secured. This is a plus point for men, as women think of this to be a very big attractive feature.

Women seek for men, with whom they feel secure and carefree. If you can handle such situations then you are said to be an attractive man in the woman's eye.

Trust me, build yourself, your character, be more confident and you will see how far it goes with women.

#5 Kindness:-

It is said, kindness is rewarded always. It is true indeed.

Women tend to fall for men who are kind and show the same in their actions. Kindness is a gentleman's quality.

We always talk about chivalry and attitude and romance being the most valued characteristics for women to be attracted to a man. But kindness is something they seek and search for a man first in order to see if they can be kind to them as well.

Women want kindness towards them but if you show kindness in most circumstances to other people around you, then be certain to be on the list of being attractive.

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#6 Intelligence:-

Intelligence plays a big role in a man's life. It makes and builds your wisdom. And this also attracts women. Women like intelligent people when they are given the choice to choose.

Ask a woman to date a dumb guy and you will know your answer.

Your intelligence matters a lot to them.

#7 Good Listener:-

It's not always about talking. Sometimes, it also is about listening and if you have the quality of being a good listener, you will find yourself in the list of attractive men in every woman's list.

Women like talking a lot about themselves and they want someone to listen to them. If you are lending your ears, you are on the right track.

#8 Fitness:-

It's not about having six or eight packs. It is about having fitness in your life. If you are fit to do anything and everything, you are good to go.

A feature about attractive men is that they are fit. They are not necessarily built, but they are not even obese. They are in a mixture of both, where they possibly can do everything they like.

Fitness is a mandatory requirement in order to consider letting women know about your attractive side.

#9 Positivity:-

It reflects in your deeds. Women like being happy and if you are happy in your attitude, they will reflect the same when they are with you.

Positivity is contagious and is very much needed. A woman will always prefer a positive man than a skeptical and negative-attitude man.

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#10 Loving:-

Women always like getting and reciprocating love. If you do the same, you will be in their good books. Loving is a way of expressing your heart out.

An open-hearted person who expresses love with magnanimous quantity along with quality is an attractive person. Giving love is a way of life.

Women seek such kind of a person. They find this quality to be very attractive and thus, it is one of the basic qualities that make them think of a man as being attractive.

So, be the best, you can, and help yourself build a better you.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 15:59 [IST]
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