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“Nice Man Has Become A Myth Or A Fiction These Days”, She Said

A session of conversation led her to say, "nice man has become a myth or a fiction these days". This thought made me think about the topic a lot. I wandered through articles, websites, books, magazines, and people directly in order to find out whether her single statement justified the truth behind it or not.

Are we living in a world full of men who are probably not nice? What are the criteria for being nice? What is the idea of being nice? What is the thought behind a woman saying there are no nice men anymore and it is the biggest fiction in the world for her?

is nice man really available

I asked her the reasons after being blinded by many websites, articles, and books to know why she gave that statement the other day. The reasons she provided was enough for me to co-relate all my readings.

Why is a nice man a fiction or a myth these days?

1. Experiences

The thing about women experiencing different varieties of men has led them to think nice men are just fiction in the mind. Their past experiences are the ones that tell them the thought process of varied nice men that men try to portray. But the false identity unveils after a period of time and the reality makes a woman say nice men are fictions.

Every now and then we see men pleasing women and being nice. But hardly have we seen men being genuinely nice.

The norm of being nice has transferred from nice to men who are just trying to be nice and don't really are.

An experience shared by a speaker while I saw a video online, said, "you know what is the problem? Men have stopped being nice. All we see today is a portrayal picture of how to be nice. I was once having a conversation with a date of mine. While conversing I had mentioned about the previous date I had gone for and how the guy tried to be nice and in the end turned out to be a real pain. This person sitting right in front of me told me a lot many things about men being this and that and not all are bad. But eventually, this person turned out to be a bigger pain than the other. All this fake portrayal of nice is no more what I need and I am single because I'm still in hunt for a man who is a nice human being".

These experiences of women have made them believe that a nice man is a fiction in today's circumstances.

2. Reaping Benefits

Women have found men to be there with them only to reap their own benefits of physical and sensual pleasure. While a nice man is the one to care and share, men who are presently there have been trying to just reap benefits under the banner of being nice.

Reaping benefits is all that a man in this generation cares about, is the biggest complain every woman has. This is one of the biggest reasons why women think, a nice man is a myth.

3. Vulnerability And Emotions

A nice man always understands and takes things the way they are. They don't modify but adjust to circumstances and with people and their partners. But a man of this generation plays with the vulnerability and emotional segment of a woman. They eye on the part where they see a weakness and they prey on it by portraying nice. Nice men have become a myth because of men like this. These men lure women based on their vulnerability and emotions. It becomes easier for a man to woo a woman by feeding on her emotional and vulnerable side.

4. Comfort Of Relationships But No Labels

Men these days want the comfort of relationships but without calling it a relationship. They stay with you till the time you are not demanding the label for the connection you have. Nice men do not divulge in such cader. This comfort of relationship is all they require but when it comes to giving a name they try to take a step back. This becomes an issue for a woman as she ends up on the losing side with all kinds of emotional pain.

5. Chivalry Is Lost

According to many women, men have stopped showing chivalry. A nice man is called that way because of his etiquettes, behaviour, and chivalry. But now women only find men without chivalry and that makes them say nice men have become a fiction or a myth.

These are the reasons that depict that a nice man has become a myth and most of the women agree to this. I personally have to still research more and find my own answer to the statement; it is your turn to agree or disagree and it is all up to you.

Think about your reasons and you might feel the other way and you might help me find my answer too.

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I am a nice man, are you? If yes, drop in the comment section below a smiley. Let's show the ladies out there that they are seeking for the wrong men in the wrong place. Let women know that it is not a myth or a fiction.

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Story first published: Monday, July 2, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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