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Is Your Man Bored Of Having Sex? The Reasons Are Here

By A Mixed Nerve

Men being social animals are fond of affection and sex. Sex being the ultimate pleasure, becomes a process to connect with another human. Thus the way one thinks about sex differs from one man to another.

In a relationship, there are various reasons that make a man get bored of the relationship. Does your man wonder and wander around and avoid sex as many times as you approach him?

Things can be different and you won't be knowing. Earlier a person who used to be very fond of you and the sex you both used to have is now avoiding you for making love.
Let's see the reasons that make him do so.

Reasons why your man is bored of having sex with you

1. He Is Just Not Feeling Like Having Sex

It is true that men also at times feel that they are not in need of sex. If that is happening with your man then all you have got to do is give him some time. He will work it out within. Give him the time he needs and you will see him back again in bed with you under the sheets making love as you desire.
He might be under too much stress or under other mental pressure. Talk to him and vent it out of him.

2. He Is Unhappy In The Relationship

If you think your man is not happy with you and that is the reason why he is not having sex with you, then you might be right. Men if not happy with the person they are with, they tend to walk away from sex and it is just as women do.

Ask him the reasons that are making him unhappy and have an open-ended conversation and that is the only way you can make him speak the reasons he is hiding. Being unhappy affects the hormones and that inhibits men from having sex.

3. He Feels Something Is Missing In The Relationship

There are certain things in the relationship that matter a lot and that you cannot help if those fail to show in the sessions of making love or while having wonderful sex.

Your man might be feeling that he is missing something in the relationship and that is a very big reason for someone to not have sex. Men love when things work out in their favour and when things don't they go haywire and end up not being close to you even in general and not only on the bed.

4. He Feels He Is Not Good Enough

Probably, your man is having some emotional situations with himself and he isn't getting the confidence he used to have and that is another big reason for you to know that he is not enjoying or wanting to have sex with you. He feels he lacks the charm to make you happy in bed and that is the reason he is avoiding having sex with you as much as possible.

Men like being superior while making love. They tend to show their confidence in bed but if your man feels he is not good at it, he will try to hide it and you will never know the reason.

So, always communicate and you will find it out eventually why he is not asking or wanting to have sex with you. Show him endearment and tell him that he shows you heaven in every way. Certainly, these confidence-boosting words will ring in his ears and he will get back on the bed rocking you the whole time.

5. He Is No Longer Happy To Be With You

If you are trying to make everything right and still think he is not ready to have sex with you, it is because he is no more happy to be with you.

"Sex is an involvement and not just two bodies sweating their emotions out". - A Mixed Nerve

At times, the involvement of love in the relationship dies and that is when sex goes out of the picture between you and your man. If your man isn't happy in the relationship and with you, he will never consider having sex with you.

If you can make him love you back and think that the relationship is again the way it used to be, you are back with him in bed. If not, you better let it go.

These are the top 5 reasons why your man is not feeling like having sex with you or is bored in the relationship. You can do everything right only when you are communicating properly and still keeping the fire of love burning bright.

The love you seek and desire can only be found within you and your partner. Try making your way into your man and talk with him and solve the issues before you and he tries to hit the bed with another session of love.

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