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How Does Social Media Affect Your Relationship?

By Soham Senapati 

Did you ever realize that you have less face-to-face conversation and more, "hey! how are you? Ping me back when you are free", etc., kind of conversations?

Social media has taken over our life in such a drastic measure that we trigger a conversation with an unknown in a few seconds over text, but we have no guts to go up to someone and talk to them face to face.

problems due to social media

The same has happened with relationships as well, as it has been evolving day by day in the world of social media.

We have relied so much on social media today that if someday social media is taken down, there will be deaths of relationships all over the world.

Here are the several reasons of the ways relationships can get affected by social media. Tkae a look.

1. Loss Of Reality:-

We have been submerged in the ocean of social media at such a depth that in order to come out, we might need to end the civilization.

Relationships get affected in such conditions. Relationship when happens between two individuals, happens in real but then comes the status on social media that says, "What is your relationship status - single, committed, open relationship, divorced, married, complicated, etc."

It makes one vulnerable to emotions and then in order to maintain a social status, we either get into one of the asked options.

Never let reality lose its self over social media. Relationships are very private and it is enjoyed only in such environment. Don't let social media depict your relationship status.

2. Makes You Accessible:-

Social media makes you accessible to the world and the suitors hoping to get a chance with you. It is hard to let go of that.

Let's make a comparison of old and present generation.

Earlier, in old generation, people had less access to other people, for which they were content with what they had and that's not the same today in our generation. We have so much access that our greed feeds on the news feed in search of someone better with whom we can connect to.

3. Everyone Has A Say In Your Life:-

Social media has given the privilege to the people to like, share, tag and comment on anything and everything. This leads to a lot of problems. One gets mislead at times. And at times, one becomes the prey to such things.
In a relationship, when you change or put a picture with your partner, you get plenty of likes and comments, and when you remove the picture, people start asking and commenting, "what happened, is everything okay, you both broke up, etc.," and adds on to an unwanted stress.

4. Jealousy and Anxiety:-

A lot of study has been done on this and the results are always the same or in most cases.
People using social media are often more prone to anxiety issues than the ones who don't.
This is the reason why people are often told to not use social media for personal matters that are deeply connected to you.
People become vulnerable to jealousy and anxiety that could even cause health issues.

5. Criminal Acts Based On Relationship:-

There have been a lot of cases where in relationships have become a terror for certain people.
At times, people become prey to criminal activities. They are bullied, blackmailed and even at times, this has escalated way more.
One cannot comprehend the power of social media. It makes and breaks relationships in minutes.
There have been a lot of issues related to the same. If you are in a relationship, try to keep it as private as you can in order to have a successful one.

We can't thank enough to internet and social media; but we also cannot ignore the facts that have been happening post social media going on a rise.
In order to have a proper social life and personal life, please try to maintain a boundary for yourself and try to limit your personal life from social media.

Feel free to fill in the comment section with your questions regarding the topic.

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Story first published: Monday, March 26, 2018, 16:15 [IST]
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