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Guide To Find Your Summer Fling This Year

By Soham

Summer is the time to go out to the beaches and have a rock-and-roll tanned body. It is also the time to find yourself casual summer flings. If you are looking for summer flings this year and you are actually thinking about it, then this article is perfect for you.

Hitting the beach, rolling on the sand, getting sunkissed and having someone to appreciate all this is all you require this summer.

When you can have a casual summer love for a while, you feel very lively.

These dreams can be true once you know how to get a summer fling.

Finding a proper fling is a tad bit difficult. You need to know the proper manner in which you should pick up a summer fling. Else you will land up in an emotional trouble and issues which you never wanted.

Without further delay, let's see the ways you can find a summer fling.

1. Scout for someone who is totally up for a summer fling

Finding one is difficult, as you never know they might turn from casual to serious the very next day. And you do not want such trouble.

You need to search properly for that kind of a person who only wants a casual fling.

There are certain qualities that you will have to scrutinise in order to find out the summer-time fling this year.

They should be very fun-loving, should be easy-going and always up for a good time without having an emotion attached.

The places you can look for such a person is a nightclub or a bar near the beach. Look for someone who is always with someone new there and often visits the place.

That person is the one you should approach and dance with. Show him some of your moves and sway him away for a couple of nights by the beach, making a memorable time.

2. Clear Beforehand What You Want

Clear from the start to have no emotion mixed in this. Tell the person about the same. And if you both vibe together, then you both are good to go this summer. The worst way to end your summer with a hot fling would be for them to have a misunderstanding on what it was the entire time.

If you're upfront with them right away, the entire summer will be a lot more fun and sassy. You won't have to sit and worry about whether or not they're falling for you.

Just tell them you want only a summer fling and nothing more in addition to it. If he feels the same way and is up for the same thing, there is nothing more to discuss. It can be a little awkward telling someone you just want some casual fun. "This is way funnier than I thought of.

Let's keep it this way! And let's not rush emotion in it." This would keep it subtle and you have a partner for yourself this summer.

3. Go Out And Spend Time With Each Other

Rather than just being inside the house, go out and enjoy the area and the summertime with your fling. Get sun-kissed as well as kissed him. Make your summer memories worthwhile and keep the adventure adrenaline always active and high.

Staying inside the room with arms wrapped around each other is not the way to spend the summer with your fling. Go out for adventures like hiking, trekking, volleyball by the beach, and water sports.

Do something memorable that you will take back while you go at the summer end.

4. Talk But Not Just About Yourself

Talk with each other but remember not to talk about anything that would reveal everything about you. Keep your personal life close to you and do not discuss anything about it. Do not talk about your feelings and things that would make it difficult while you both go in different directions.

Keep it subtle and make it more convenient for both.

5. End It With A Happy Note

End the fling with positivity and happiness and take back the memories of this summer.

Celebrate the end by bidding each other farewell in a good way. This way, it will always be a memorable summer fling.

Use this guide in order to go forward and have a proper summer fling this year and enjoy it to the fullest without having any regrets.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 19, 2018, 9:00 [IST]
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