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Friendship Day 2021: Friendship Day Goals That We Can Relate To

August 1 marks International Friendship Day and we all know, the best thing about friendship is the bonding between individuals and forming a community of friends for a lifetime. The relationship friends share has a lot to speak about their social presence. So, what's so new about friendship day 2021? Probably nothing, but the very fact that we all have friends in our lives, makes it a special day and gives us a reason to celebrate.

Every time a group of friends do certain kinds of innovative, funny, mindboggling and adventurous acts they make sure to call it a friendship goal. In this article, let's read about the friendship goals we have seen and have completed so far. These friendship goals are what have kept our friendships alive and the bonding of togetherness is what keeps friends motivated and going.

We have all crossed boundaries and have done things that we could never do. The trust between friends has been the best factor for bonding. You become yourself in front of these friends and these friends are the ones who bring out the best in you.

You tell them everything about yourself and are totally free with them. The goals of a friendship are the ones that matter the most to you and to your friends. This friendship day let's look at the past memories and the timeline of friendship and the goals we have come across and have achieved.

Let's look into the friendship goals that have brought the best out of friends.

1. You hug each other when you are certain you have committed a blunder and you want no one to know about it.
2. You and your friends are so busy making memories that you forget about all the work you had to complete.
3. You make yourself always available to your best friends.
4. You walk into a shopping mall thinking you would buy yourself something new but you end up buying for your friends.
5. You and your friends keep drinking till one of you pukes his/her life out in the washroom.
6. You make sure of clicking weird pictures and posting them on each other's social media pages on birthdays.
7. If your friend jumps from a height, you are sure that you are going next.
8. You and your friends are the ones cleaning the mess after you conduct a house party.
9. You make yourself available for your friends more than for your partner.
10. You know you are going to lose a PlayStation game challenge, but you still are on it because your friend has put a bet on you.
11. You manage to have a never-ending conversation until one falls asleep.

12. You and your friends judge other friendships like they are kids and you all have retired yourselves from doing that.
13. You wonder about seeing other friendships if they enjoy as much as you and your friends.
14. Squad means family and family means nobody gets left behind.
15. When worst comes to worst, the squad comes first.
16. The moment when your crush asks you for a hug and your squad in the background is like, "OMG! She is sure shot going down tonight".
17. Nobody really likes us except for us.
18. Through thick and thin, they will be there for you until the end.
19. You have that one friend, who always looks better than the rest in pictures.
20. There's no secret between us if something is going down, we all know about it.
21. When your friend talks to her crush and the squad is like "Woohoo!, every time she gets lucky".
22. There's nothing basic about our group except our love for French fries and mocking each other.
23. When the people around get irritated and we are like "Oh! We are bothering you". "Sorry, we are not sorry".
24. Yes, we are aware of how obnoxious we are, when we are together. But you know the thing about us is, we really don't care.
25. If we are not taking selfies, we are busy eating biryanis.
26. If you happen to look around our social media accounts, all you will see is memes related to us, tagged by each other and funny videos resembling us.
27. If we are greeting each other without cursing, we are really not in a mood or probably too high in life.
28. What happens in the room will always be spilt on the table of conversation between friends. There are no secrets.
29. There is always a mother in every squad.
30. We normally don't care for marks but when our friend tops the exam or goes above us, we lose our shit and we do make him/her treat all of us.

These are some of the friendship goals we have always cherished even though it might be harsh on someone else. We really don't care. Do we?

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Drop-in your feedback below and fuel us with your friendship stories on this friendship day.


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